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To Those With Little Dust


Dave Winer : "No locked trunks. Use Radio 8 because it's the best choice. Your choice."


Happy Pongal

Over the weekend, I spent lot of time learning Radio UserLand 8.0 >>> 0100563 >>> http://www.carnatic.com/kishore/ru/


I am a Wendell Berry fan :-)

Keith Parkins maintains Heureka


What Is a Human Being?

Felice Aull

Hilda Charlton

Pongal festival is celebrated on 14th this year. This is the day on which the sun begins to move northwards (also called Makara Shankranti). For Tamilians, Makara Shankranti ushers in the New Year. The corn that is newly-harvested is cooked for the first time on that day. Joyous festivities mark the celebration in every home.

Mattu Pongal : "...According to a legend, once Shiva asked his bull, Basava, to go to the earth and ask the mortals to have an oil massage and bath every day and to eat once a month. Inadvertently, Basava announced that everyone should eat daily and have an oil bath once a month. - - - This mistake enraged Shiva who then cursed Basava, banishing him to live on the earth forever. He would have to plough the fields and help people produce more food. Thus the association of this day with cattle. - - - A festival called Jallikattu is held in Madurai, Tiruchirapalli and Tanjavur on this day..."

Jallikattu : "...Also known as "Yeru Thazhuvudal" (Yeru - bull; thazhuvudal - literally, to hug), it was more the way girls chose their suitors. The chivalrous youth who could contain a charging bull was much preferred by the ladies to one who couldn't..."


Great Virtues of the Dhamma : "...Amongst the many virtues of the Dhamma, there are six salient characteristics mentioned in the most authoritative texts. Svakkhato Bhagavata Dhammo, Sanditthiko, Akaliko, Ehipassiko, Opanayiko and Paccattam Veditabbo Vinnuhi..."

Open Mind Open Heart


Alexsandr Solzhenitsyn : "If it were all so simple! If only there were evil people somewhere insidious?ly committing evil deeds and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart."

From an story by Anthony de Mello : "Holiness? today is a name? without a reality?. It is only genuine when it is a reality without a name"

Lawrence Lee : "The Digital Identity Weblog is a must-read?."

I think that code generated by radiobadge is not valid HTML... Lawrence Lee is analysing the issue...

We will play badminton again tomorrow morning... I look forward to it!

Rebecca Blood : "I think you may be interested in viviculture: it is weblog as an exercise in mindfulness. Kurt's statement of principles especially resonates with me."

Kevin Kelly : The Web Runs on Love, Not Greed

Richard Bolles : How to Mend Your Parachute

The Global Consciousness Project


Wendell Berry about Hypertext

Field Observations : ...The Amish, for instance, have succeeded simply by asking one question of any proposed innovation, namely: "What will this do to our community?"...

Wendell Berry : The joy of sales resistance : ...We live in a time when technologies and ideas (often the same thing) are adopted in response not to need but to advertising, salesmanship, and fashion...

Derek Powazek is looking for work

Frederick Mann : The Strange "Job" Concept

Greg Franklin : A Fast Food Era Ends

John Dingell (after he was forced to strip!) "I asked Norman to check to see if they treated me like they do everybody else," Dingell said. "I just wanted to be sure that what they did was necessary, that I got the same treatment, no better or no worse, than anyone else."


Field Observations: An Interview with Wendell Berry

In Wendell Berry's Community : "...Gary Snyder said the right thing: Stop somewhere, just stop. Finally, this thing we are calling mobility keeps people from learning their lessons. They keep moving away from the problems they’ve caused. Their idea is that you can completely mess up somewhere and then go somewhere else, or you can completely succeed somewhere and go somewhere else. In either case you don’t know what the effects are. Sometimes people cause worse effects by their success than they do by their failure. To go back to the metaphor of marriage. What marriage does is say to you to stay and find out. It doesn’t say what you are going to find out. When you think this is it, we are at a complete dead end here, the marriage says to you: Wait, stay, and find out. Always you find out more..."


Umberto Eco : I don't even have an email address. I have reached an age where my main purpose is not to receive messages.

Masaru Emoto's The Message from Water

Joel Spolsky : "Sometimes I just can't get anything done......Many of my days go like this: (1) get into work (2) check email, read the web, etc. (3) decide that I might as well have lunch before getting to work (4) get back from lunch (5) check email, read the web, etc. (6) finally decide that I've got to get started (7) check email, read the web, etc. (8) decide again that I really have to get started (9) launch the damn editor and (10) write code nonstop until I don't realize that it's already 7:30 pm. - - - - - Somewhere between step 8 and step 9 there seems to be a bug, because I can't always make it across that chasm."

Life is Beautiful


John VanDyk : "The writings of Wendell Berry seem to be popping up with astonishing frequency of late."

Wendell Berry has written Why I am Not Going to Buy a Computer

Ed Iglehart's Reading List and Inspirations

I have started a Why I Weblog based on Brad L. Graham's article...


Voltaire in Freedom of Thought : It rests entirely with you to learn to think. You're born with a mind. You are a bird in the cage of the Inquisition: the Holy Office has clipped your wings, but they can grow back. Whoever doesn't know geometry can learn it; every man can tutor himself: it's shameful to put your soul in the hands of those to whom you'd never trust your money. _Dare to think for yourself._

John Stuart Mill (in On Liberty): If all mankind minus one were of one opinion, and only one person were of the contrary opinion, mankind would be no more justified in silencing that one person than he, if he had the power, would be justified in silencing mankind.

Karl-Erik Sveiby : "You don't need to interview me. Simply read the Upanishads. They knew all about it long before I did"

Sarvottam : Good News India


Russell Lipton : "...There is an inherent degree of serendipity in Web-learning that routes around this kind of thing..."

Serendipity strikes again !

I tell Sushma often. If you donot understand something/anything... Goto Google and understand !

I found something better for students...

Cyber Essays is "your one-stop source for free, high-quality term papers, essays, and reports on all subjects."

I have started collecting pearls from the web !

Craig Jensen : "With the tumultous state the world is in I feel uncomfortable, even guilty, being in any kind of festive or celebratory mood. And, in fact, I'm not festive. Nor am I filled with hope from any kind of religious faith. I'm mostly depressed. - - - But I realize that the sphere within which I have the most influence is my family. The most important people to me are my wife, son and daughter and then my extended family. Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews. All the quirks and dysfunctionalty set aside, this is the circle where I can find unbounded love and acceptance. It is the place where I can return that love, equally unbounded, without fear of reprisal or rejection. I am lucky. Truly so. I intend to immerse myself in my good fortune. In my own little circle I will enjoy peace and love and joy. - - - My hope and wish is that you will find yourselves enjoying the same. Be safe and well."

The Literature, Arts, & Medicine Database is an annotated bibliography of prose, poetry, film, video and art which is being developed as a dynamic, accessible, comprehensive resource in MEDICAL HUMANITIES, for use in health/pre-health and liberal arts settings.

Mira Art : "winter morning - out of bed - it's impossible!"

Henry Miller : Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. That is why we get a heart-ache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognize them as our own, as the tender shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers, our own criterion of truth and beauty. Every man, when he gets quiet, when he becomes desperately honest with himself, is capable of uttering profound truths. We all derive from the same source. There is no mystery about the origin of things. We are all part of creation, all kings, all poets, all musicians; we have only to open up, to discover what is already there.

Esther Dyson : Always make new mistakes!

The child must be very lucky :-)


People are searching for interesting phrases at Google like a way of life that does not consist of taking away from someone else and the first hit is Quotations at my ex-weblog :-)

Ahimsa is word of the day

Mark Kraft is a geeth and states "I left a $125,000 a year job to become the "All things business" manager of LiveJournal, which means I oversee a ton of things regarding the strategy, design, and viability of the LiveJournal community / open source project. It's more than just business, especially to me. Dulce et decorum est..."

Brent Simmons has many ideas for Apple. One of them "Mac OS X for x86" is something I would like too :-)


Marcel Proust : Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

Cyber Nation

Howard Rheingold's Tools for Thought is an exercise in retrospective futurism

Alan Kay is enraptured by the potential impact that computing technology can have on the world. He is especially interested in education and hopes that this new technology will create, what he calls, a "skeptical man." He likens the personal computer to the present day book and believes that if everyone had access to a computer, people would be more prone to play "what-if" games with information. He says that "the information retrieval systems of the future are not going to retrieve facts but points of view. The weakness of databases is that they let you retrieve facts, while the strength of our culture over the past several hundred years has been our ability to take on multiple points of view. It should be possible for every kid everywhere to test what he or she is being told either against arguments of others or by appeal to computer simulation. The question is: will society nurture that potential or suppress it?"

Paul Graham is working on Arc

Novell in Why They Lie : ...Every time we raise the bar, you-know-who stoops to a new level....

Contribution to Companies are welcome !

I am reading a new article A Time for Dialogue about Things That Really Matter by John Renesch.

In Germany, Fourth phase of ecological tax reform started on January 1, 2002

A Warm Welcome to Henry James Gallagher


The laughing Buddha


Java Outline Editor works!

Nature doesnot know that I drive a super car and my neighbour a 'super O super' car. It covers both with the necessary amount of snow to make our lives interesting. Thanks for the lesson !

To Dave Winer: Wishing you lot more flow in the years to come. Where are the list of all your articles like When to give away the technology :-)

Cameron Barrett : "Must...not...break...New...Year's...resolution... Must...not...read...certain...Web...sites.... Must...stay...away...."

In the movie Blast from the Past, Dad advises son to stay away from adult book stores by stating 'It is full of poisonous Gas' - Why do I recall this after the reading Cameron's words ?

To People I have come across on the web: I would love to spend my days reading all that you write... But there is not enough time in my days to do that after time invested in occupations to make Money flow to my bank account! So I setup a Portal

Any Given Sunday

Dave Winer : The Web is generous

Stan Krute : "Dave knows Flow. The Power of Flow. The Beauty of Flow. The Goodness of Flow. The Win-Win-Win-Win-Win of Flow. You flow my way, I flow your way, ya give flow, ya get flow, others see this and join in on the fun, pretty soon, we're all surfing a happy big flowin' wave of our own communitarian making."

Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach : I regret nothing says arrogance - I will regret nothing says inexperience

Vikas Kamat : Bathing and Personal Hygiene in Ancient India


Happy New Year

I created pages : Principles , Children

Mira Art : ...I rather wish all of us the energy and the desire to create luck, to make it happen.....by understanding one's role in this life...

My ex-weblog Kishore Balakrishnan's Psychic RAM has attracted Synergy's favorable attention. Nice :-)

Áilleacht is beauty in Irish

Veronica Lynne's WannaWrite? is "A Place for Poetry, Prose and Ponderings"

Ponderings : ...Why is it when you are driving at night looking for an address, you instinctively (at least I have) turn down the radio?...

Tourist Guy :-)

The Secret Subversive Purpose of Children's Literature Web Guide: ...If my cunning plan works, you will find yourself tempted away from the Internet, and back to the books themselves! Please remember that the Internet is not the most comprehensive source of information about children's books. Books and Libraries cover the field far better than I can ever hope to. - - - The Internet is a tremendous resource, but it will never compete with a Children's Librarian with a purposeful gleam in the eye! ...

Mira Art : Water=Life=Alive=Divine

Try Pancha Bhoota Healing !

Keep Walking

Six Ways to Reduce Advertising in Your Life

Sushma is preparing Sago Payasam for lunch.

Vikas Kamat explains Feedback, quotes Mahatma Gandhi : "To make peace with evil in order to avoid conflict, is cowardice."

Mahesh Shantaram : ...We want to achieve all our goals. We want to make all our dreams comes true......Where's the money?...

Cameron Barrett : Do yourself a favor and telnet to this address: towel.blinkenlights.nl

mmm... Is anyone researching "What is the average number of days before everyone writes 2002 instead of 2001" !

The seven wonders of the web - Go! see all of them!

I knew all but one: Multimap


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