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Company is "A group of persons." --- Do you like your company :-) and donot find it here... send me email !


I would like you to imagine for a moment what it would be like if at the end of one’s tenure with a company, they said the following:

“That company transformed my life. It gave me an opportunity to transform myself. There is no other company in the world that does such a thing. When I came home to my children each night, I came home with a soft heart and more energy than when I left. I have never seen such a company in all my life. A company that devotes itself to curing the problems of those under its shelter.”

kapilguptamd at https://www.kapilguptamd.com/2018/06/16/the-true-unicorn-companies-devoted-to-human-transformation/


Motto is "A brief statement used to express a principle, goal, or ideal."

Why Companies Fail?


Wellness Goods : Our mission is to assist you in remembering... and in becoming... who you already are... but may have forgotten.

Art of Living Foundation : ...

SAP : The Best-Run E-Businesses Run SAP


Novell : "the power to change"

Philips : Let's make things better

Canon's philosophy is Kyosei

GE : We bring good things to life.

Ford : Striving to Make the World a Better Place

Miele : Immer Besser / Forever Better / Always Better

Gottlieb Daimler : Das Beste oder Nichts

DaimlerChrysler : "The possibilities are infinite" - Right ?

Infineon : Never Stop Thinking

Nike : Just Do It !

Microsoft : Where do you want to go today ?

BMW : Freude am Fahren

Google :

Apple :

UserLand :

Annamalai Reforestation Society

Sundram Fasteners Limited : Leadership in Action

Pollachi Consultants & Advisors :

Seshayee Paper and Boards Limited : Fine Papers - Lasting Impressions

Vedanta Life Institute :



American Marine







General Motors


Soga Glass Co., Ltd

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