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Every human being would be blessed to experience a near-death experience every six months. This would keep him on the edge.



Play with your work. Play with your kids. Play with your wife. Play with your surroundings. Play with your happiness. Play with your sorrows. Play with all of those things that you consider to be your miseries and misfortunes.



The person who asks for tips is the very same person who isn’t going to follow any of them.



Sacred cows release poisoned milk

Do good

Be a good person

Be kind

Do for others

Forgive and forget

Have good morals

Such things have a certain societal value

But to devote oneself to such things is not the path to becoming a Master.



too many truths at http://www.kapilguptamd.com/2018/03/09/truths/



if you want to wake up ... read http://www.kapilguptamd.com/ ... http://www.siddhaperformance.com/

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