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Playing with Words Do Not Believe Recent & Popular Categories > Karmasaya > Interests > Children / Parenting / Students : Children are nothing more than a toy some parents use to feed their ego and feel important.

Our Kids - Their Future - The Early Years Making a Difference -

In Praise of Black Sheep : ...Neither should we forget that raising a "good" child is a dubious goal in the first place, if only because the line between instilling integrity and breeding self-righteousness is so fine... The good child cries very little, he sleeps through the night, he is confident and good-natured. He is well-behaved, convenient, obedient, and good. Yet no consideration is given to the fact that he may grow up to be indolent and stagnant...

Ralph Waldo Emerson : "There never was a child so lovely, but his mother was glad to get him asleep."




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