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1) Metafilter | Comments on 9305: Don't spend their childhoods praising your daughters for being pretty and your sons for being smart. If you can, avoid praising your daughters in an excessive manner for passive behaviour - ie, when you are telling your friends about how great your kids are, in front of your kids, find something fabulous your daughter has done other than sit quietly, play quietly, and keep her clothes neat.


2) Germany Decries Artist\'s Performance: He has said the performance, advertised with posters around the city, was aimed at getting people to think about how they associate with nature.

Those who came to watch seemed to agree.

"It raises these kinds of questions about what are the limits of ethics and what are the limits of art. It raises questions about our relationship to animal life," said Chris Boland of Detroit, who is studying in Berlin for the summer. "That's what art is supposed to do."

Angela Rosenthal of Berlin, another onlooker, said she had no right to criticize the performance because she eats meat and uses cosmetics that are sometimes tested on animals.

"What is art? I don't know," she said.


3) Microsoft Clippy:



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