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1) Nirupa.M.A : Nirupa.M.A is conducting Veena &Vocal classes at West mambalam, Chennai. Lecturer Carnatic music college Students are welcome in any age group - contact no 99406 60346, 9144 24724355


2) Chennai College of Carnatic Music: Somebody claiming to be lee coulson (towhom AT wrote:
Do you please have an email contact for the Chennai College of Carnatic Music


3) Raghavendra Academy Of Music: Raghavendra Academy Of Music(RAM) is offering different courses in Vocal,Veena and Mridangam.This Academy is a pioneer in teaching carnatic music and is located at two various places in Chennai(Palavakkam & Thiruvamiyur).The school undertakes training in Abyasa Ganam,Manodharma Sangeetham,Bala Pataam and Sahakaram.


4) Thirana is a non-profit organization focussing on the field of "Carnatic Music".: Thirana was formed in the year 1999 by some music fans in Chennai and it has grown over the years. Thirana also assists other non-profit organizations with their music related projects


5) Veena Classes in Chennai: We conduct Veena Classes, for more information call 91-44-4867975


6) Re:Teachers in Bangalore: N.Sampangi Ram # 179, "SAHANA" 4th Main, A.E.C.S Layout, Sanjaynagar,Bangalore- 94 ph.# 3414363 Speciality-- Mrudangam WH none


7) Kalaimamani K. Govindasamy:

We are the performers of the SOUTH INDIAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC INSTRUMENT CALLED NADHASWARAM. Music instrument known for its divine classical music. We can perform keerthanas, varnams, pancharatna keerthanas,mallaris, pallavi, bajans, devaram, tirupugaz and all other things related to divine carnatic music. We can also perform English notes, tunes and lyrics through this instrument. Having a vast experience of 45 years in this field.25 years of experience in All India Radio (AIR), Pondicherry, South India. Received many awards and titles, which includes the award Kalaimamani by the Government. Recited many programmes, which includes South zone, hook up concerts, Mangala isai, vadyha virundha, vadhya lahari. you can feel and experience the 100% real atmosphere of Saint Thyagaraja's Aradana at your place too.

We can also perform Nadhaswaram with various combinations like, Violin, Mridangam, Kanjira, Morsing, Tabela. Violin is of known Instrument. Mridangam is a Drum like instrument, which is nothing but called Mini Indian drum. It produces a good rhythmic sound when it was beaten. Kanjira is a handsome plate like instrument made of goat skin. It can produce some different sounds like rain coming, air flowing. Morsing is a very small instrument which is beaten up in the mouth to produce sound, it also produces some different sounds. Tabela is also a well-known instrument. We can also add Saxophone, Clarinet with the above combinations. we can produce very rhythmic traditional music with all these combinations. With other combinations like with the Tamilnadu traditional dance Bharathanatyam. We can also perform with the combinations dance and Nadhaswaram.

We are located at South India in Pondicherry. Auroville, an important International township lays only 3 kms from our place and world well renowed Shri Aurobindo Swamiji's Ashram lays only at 2 Kms from our place.


We are a team of 6 persons which includes 2 Nadhaswaram, 2 Thavil, Layam, Shruti, Thavil called a drum like instrument which produces more sound with classical rhythm. It is also called South Indian drum.s

Send online enquiry for our programme or contact us:

K. Govindasamy
174, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Muthialpet, Pondicherry-605 003
South India.
Phone: +91- 413-238703
Fax No: +91-413-239370


8) Veena Classes at Mylapore: veena classes held at mylapore. ph_4981431


9) Sruthilaya - All kinds of musical instruments available: Music instruments,Chennai music,Veena,Music instruments exporters,Sruthilaya,Mridangam,Ganjira & Tambura.: Mfrs. Exporters & Dealers in all kinds of MusicalInstruments

Sruthilayawas established first in Thanjavur towards the end of 1986. Initially wewere making only Veena. Subsequently in 1994, a branch in Chennai was startedin Shanthi Vihar Complex, Mylapore, to cater to the growing export needs.We have expanded our activities progressively & have set up a 10,000sq. ft site to manufacture Veena, Mridangam, Ganjira & Tambura in differentpatterns & sizes. We have introduced a new portable Thambura "Jet Thambura"with full resonance.


10) Vijaya College of Music:


11) Teachers in Bangalore:

Vasundhara Purushottam
11, Castle Street, Bangalore 25
Phone 569504
Speciality - Carnatic Vocal and Veena
Weekly Holiday (WH) Sunday


Sree Kala Kendra
112, 9th Main Road, 7th Cross,
R.M.V. Extension, Bangalore 80
Phone 3342562
Speciality - Carnatic Instruments
WH Sundays


Bhanumati Ravindran
55/3, 1st Main Road, Tata Silk Farm
Basavanagudi, Bangalore 04
Phone 6610631
Speciality - Veena Classical
WH Sunday

H.S. Gopinath
79, 36th Cross, 6th Main, 5th Block
Jayanagar, Bangalore 41
Phone 6636321
Speciality - Tabla
WH None

N.G. Ravi
65/A, RamRao Layout,
Kattreguppa, Bangalore 85
Phone 6694782
Speciality - Mrudangam
WH None

Meenakshi Ravi
65/A, Ramrao Layout, 
Kattreguppa, Bangalore 85
Phone 6694782
Speciality - Carnatic Vocal
WH None

T.V. Ramprasad
504, A Block, Giri Apartments,
2nd Phase, J.P. Nagar
Bangalore 78
Phone 646629
Speciality - Carnatic Vocal
WH None


C. Nagaraj
29, 6th Cross, Swimming Pool Extension,
Malleshwaram, Bangalore 03
Phone 3440872
Speciality - Veena Classes

R.K Srikantan
4, Puttaranganna Layout
Sheshadripuram, Bangalore 20
Phone 3368190
Speciality - Classical Vocal
WH None

Laxmi Keshav
112, 20th Cross, CHBS Layout,
Vijaynagar, Bangalore 40
Phone 3302972
Speciality - Carnatic Vocal, Veena
WH None

B.L. Vijaya
Sauramya, 688, 2nd Main, D-Block,
Rajajinagar, 2nd Stage,
Bangalore 10
Phone 3330153
Speciality - Sugam Sangeet
WH None

Uma Gopalakrishna
122, Sharada, VHBCS Layout,
West of Chord Road, 2nd Stage,
Mahalaxmipuram, Bangalore 86
Phone 3326411
Speciality - Light & Junior Classical Carnatic 
WH None


12) Smt Sharada Subramanian: Smt Sharada Subramanian, a shishyai of Shri Nedanuri Krishnamurthy is teaching carnatic vocal at Andhra Association Building, Lodi Colony, New Delhi. She is conducting free sunday classes. The main idea is not only to teach but also to improve Rasigas in the field by making them understand the ragas and talas. She also teaches small Divyanama Samkirtanas and age is no bar. For example a Secretary in Govt of India who is in the verge of retirement and few retired persons are also learning. She also takes free Annamacharya classes on second saturday of each month. please contact if any one interested. ( email sent by G.S. Walia - )


13) K V Sridhar: Mrudhangam - K V Sridhar - - New No.5, Tiruppur Kumaran Street Extn., Srinivasa Nagar, Chennai - 600 063 - "I am a professional performing artist in Mrudhangam. I began my studentship in the traditional gurukulam in the year 1973 under the auspices of Mrudhanga Vidwan Sri. Kumbakonam Rajappa Iyer. I have a teaching experience of more than 20 years. I have also participated as accompaniment for leading artists during the annual music festivals. At present, I am teaching in New Perungalathur, Chennai."


14) Divyadhwani: Seetha Narayanan's School Of Carnatic Music: run by Smt Seetha Narayanan

The school was started in 1986 by Smt Seetha Narayanan to meet a sorely- felt need for quality Carnatic music training in Ayanavaram area of Chennai City.Over 200 students of all age- groups(school and college children,housewives and even elderly women) have benefited from the school and Seetha's dedicated teaching.Now students come from even far away places. and a few from abroad for advanced lessons. more



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