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1) Re:to write a clear about for this tool: Hello, my name is Florian (the URL of my homepage is the title). I'd suggest the following for an about resp. README section: - tell something about the software - explain the usefulness for certain cases, ie. a 2do item, a bookmark item, etc. with examples. - show a list of all existing categories. see also my recent email for further questions. (Thanks for your patience: This entry is more or less for my exercise.) Florian, 02-20


2) NooSphere WikiWeblog : A wiki freak on his daily aberration through cyberspace.


3) Help!: Hello! Please give me advice how to use this site! I feel the good potential of this sort-of-wiki but i still have problems using it: - Is there a sole RecentChanges list? - Is there a HelpPage which explains the settings table at the top? - How can i link to other pages? Thanks for your support in advance. Your SemanticWeb fan groovehunter (FlorianKonnertz)


4) Re:About: FYI: the 2nd and 3rd link are dead.


5) Test and hello of new member groovehunter: Hello people! My name is Florian aka groovehunter, i'm german, currently live in germany and study information science. I'm interested in knowledge management in the widest sense, in philosophy, wisdom traditions and how the information technology can help for collaboration of all people in a free and open way. I maintain a public wiki for this purpose, it's called NooWiki, please see my homepage. I am new to this site, still learning about the navigation, the categories, etc. - it looks good to me, so i decided to register right now and add this entry for a test. cu, FloK, 10-07



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