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1) Cauvery In A Puddle: The 3 page article starts "The total hijack of the South's rich classical arts into airless, Brahmins-only monopolies is stifling genuine growth" and ends "Perhaps only a realisation that monopoly runs counter to the grain of art. For now, they're caught in a dark warp, waiting for light."

Interesting read...

Do not miss the Rants and Raves for this article too !

If you are a Tamil Brahmin... donot get offended... someone is expressing his point of view... Any criticism is good for growth... Let us look for ways to improve the situation...

If you have not watched tamil film 'Nandanaar'... please do watch it :-)


2) New Oroville: Catalytic is developing a completely self-contained company community near Hyderabad, called New Oroville. Employees will enjoy modern housing, offices, retail and recreational facilities, as well as religious and civic centers to accommodate their needs without having to travel outside the community.


3) Targeted Serendipity: Weblogs aren't just glorified pages of links and rambling personal sites; they are an antidote to mass media. According to the author of "The Weblog Handbook," Rebecca Blood, they are also bringing creative expression to everyday people when they need it most.



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