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1) ERP II SAP/Oracle Escalation Wake-up Call: Some enterprises with large-scale SAP/Oracle systems have experienced an Oracle DBMS bug, which has exposed problems with the vendors' support escalation processes. In the complex world of ERP II, enterprises with large-scale implementations are likely to experience difficulties that expose flaws in vendors' support and quality assurance processes. Therefore, enterprises should become more proactive with respect to their system support and management. The critical support and escalation issues illustrated by the Oracle DBMS bug will have major ramifications on the credibility of the ERP II Unix market to support large-scale business operations.


2) SAPís Application Server Move Will Be "Massively Unsuccessful": Speaking at Information Age's Collaborative Commerce conference in London (Jan. 31 - Feb. 1, 2002), Fred Meyer (chief product strategist at application integration vendor Tibco) outlined the role of packaged applications such as SAP's enterprise resource planning (ERP) suite,, in the future of Web services. "There will still be a role for packaged applications behind the firewall," says Meyer, "but the complexity of these systems makes it impossible to build exhaustive integration across applications. The SAP mindset is that "we own this world so you can't touch this," which is why [the move into application development] will be massively unsuccessful."



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