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1) Relax when you meditate...: Relax when you meditate... just let the body be there, the mind be there, and you are neither. You are a watcher. Watch the body, watch the mind, and remember: you are simply the watcher. Bodies come and go, mind changes every moment, only the watcher remains for eternity. This watcher is your original face.



2) how to be rich :-):

If you cannot see another world you are blind.
If you do not know how to say a gentle word, 
when it is necessary, you are dumb.
If you are tormented by too many desires you are poor.
If you have a contented heart you are rich.


3) howto understand the universal mind: When body and mind achieve spontaneity, the Tao is reached and universal mind can be understood.



4) To bring about a fundamental revolution in oneself...: To bring about a fundamental revolution in oneself, one must understand the whole process of one's thought and feeling in relationship. That is the only solution to all our problems.

J. Krishnamurti



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