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1) Book-A-Minute: Not enough time to read all the books you want? Try Book-A-Minute, a website that has condensed versions of many classics, science fiction/fantasy and bedtime books.


2) Life On The Internet: Could Blogging Assist KM?: But what if the two – blogging and KM – got together? That is, what if we took the technology that allows Bloggers to quickly annotate their journeys through the web with information about the whys and wherefores with a KM system that allowed their organizational colleagues to use the weblogs as a source of expertise? Consider:

-- If experts could use blogging software that was part of their normal work environment, probably part of their browser, to note and annotate web sites they wanted to share as part of their area of expertise (note the expert decides what to share, avoiding privacy problems);

world wide wisdom


3) New Scientist : Interview with Stephen Wolfram: Meet the people shaping the future of science

Principia Mathematica III

He was a child prodigy, publishing his first paper at 15. Now Stephen Wolfram says he has created a new kind of science based on simple computer programs rather than equations. It's a bold claim, but it has taken him 20 years--ten of them thinking and working late into the night, and publishing nothing. By a nice irony, that intellectual space was bought by the millions he made out of Mathematica, a computer program that makes complicated mathematics doable for ordinary mortals. Now, at 41, he's busy gearing himself up for the glare of publicity as he prepares to publish the fruit of all those years. Marcus Chown caught up with Wolfram--at 3 am


4) Women and Men: (And I don’t have any issues relating to women. My closest friends are women. And given the choice, I much prefer the company of women to men. They usually have a better sense of humour and are much more fun to hang around with.)

My doing the ZopeNewbies site got me an invitation to speak at Comdex Canada, one thing led to another, and I got a promotion at work.


5) Dawkins Review of Intellectual Impostures: Type the description here.


6) Jorge Luis Borges: You would probably like stories by Jorge Luis Borges. The compilations Selected Fictions and Selected Poems come to mind.



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