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1) One Answer on College Doesn\'t Fit All Graduates: Eidi Leonard is a career and college counselor in Newport Beach, Calif., where most parents are college-educated professionals. Recently, Ms. Leonard advised a high school student with poor grades but a passion for automobiles, finding him an internship at an elite racing car company.

She thought it could lead to a well- paid career. But the boy's parents were incensed, insisting that he go to college. Ms. Leonard suspects he will soon drop out and take less desirable work than the internship he rejected.

This kind of thing is happening all over the country because of an illusion that college is for everyone and that a high-tech future requires as many college graduates as possible. Yet the Department of Labor expects only about a fourth of future jobs to require college degrees.


2) Pizza Station quietly building a 4G network: Pizza Station quietly building a 4G network

The company, Pizza Station, is dishing out an offer which promises to whet the appetite of all pizza lovers and then some: "Buy a pizza and get free wireless broadband".

"We think it's a tremendous value proposition... I think we will sell a lot of pizza," said its director of systems and finance Nicholas Iverson., Prague CZ * tel/mobil +420 (0)603 706 558
"success is getting what you want & happiness is wanting what you get"



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