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1) Weight convertor: Convert from one weight unit to others


2) Translator: Also in Language-Tools-Translator


3) Currency convertor: Get value in another currency for amount in given currency


4) Time convertor: Get the current time in any part of the world


5) Mrs Anuradha Suresh Krishnamurthi: Mrs Anuradha Suresh Krishnamurthi - Anuradha is the daughter of Mr K.V. Narayanaswamy. she has established herself as leading singer in carnatic music and has performed in many places including the US. She has also given number of recordings


6) Garret P Vreeland: he usually has many many links on his weblog !


7) Benjamin Franklin: A Documentary History: They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.


8) Swami Vivekananda: How are we to know a teacher then? In the first place, the sun requires no torch to make it visible. We do not light a candle to see the sun. When the sun rises, we instinctively become aware of its rising and when a teacher of men comes to help us, the soul will instinctively know that it has found the truth. Truth stands on its own evidences; it does not require any other testimony to attest it; it is self- effulgent. It penetrates into the innermost recesses of our nature, and the whole universe stands up and says, "This is the Truth". ---Swami Vivekananda


9) Dr Keki Sidhwa: >I take it that you believe that your method will heal >even a broken neck better than the best of today's >western establishment ways of dealing with it

but the *body* does the healing whether bones are set by modern casts or by old fashion splints - I seem to recall Dr Keki Sidhwa knew how to splint broken bones using sticks, and believed that his hygienic technique was superior to modern methods


10) About:

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it all started with a vision

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