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  1. This is yet another Bookmark Manager on the web

  2. Oh Wait !... This is much more... This is the only tool that will allow you to assign multiple categories to one bookmark/link/object
  3. Once upon a time... I had a vision: a purposeful online community for all human beings... and this is it :-)
  4. This tool will help you to organise information : Who, What, When, Where, Why, And How
  5. Read Making a Semantic Web ( a question and a statement ! ) - You can use this tool for collaborative categorisation, filtering, finding related links, annotation

  6. read the About
  7. just login and try it yourself
  8. Add entries
  9. while adding entries... use keywords based on how you want to remember the object in future... look at the keywords on the right column...
  10. Example entry

    • Title : e.g., Kishore Balakrishnan
    • URL : e.g.,
    • Body : e.g., The impossible is often the untried
    • Category : e.g., People Place-Singapore Hobby-Music-Carnatic
    • Priority : e.g., 1 is very important , 5 is important , 10 is "want to just remember"...

  11. All these content can be displayed in various ways using the options on the top - content can be displayed per user or system-wide !

  12. It is not possible to link one content to another directly - But when content1 has category a-b and content2 has category a-b-c , both these content will appear in view a, a-b and only content2 will appear in a-b-c
  13. Recent Changes - use option "Sort by added" or "Sort by changed" !
  14. Be Aware! - Kishore(the webmaster) has authority to edit all entries - This power will be used only to format entries or add more useful categories... Ofcourse... any major change (except a typing mistake) will be notified to the original author !
  15. Enjoy... Come What May, Keep Smiling :-)
  16. Victor : "Don't belong. Never join. Think for yourself. Peace."
  17. 2do

    1. Statistics : no of items, per category
    2. display entry added and changed date
    3. > What about a link "Return to the page you were before" after adding an entry (additionally to "view all|yours only|... " links) ?
    4. CSS
    5. Format

  18. 2003 Feb 20 >>> not working >>> javascript:location.href=''+e scape (window.location)+'&title='+escape(document.title);



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