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1) ten best movies in the public domain:


2) spirited away or Haibane Renmei: thanks to mr. yegge for the animation recommendations. let us see which one is available in singapore and which one i like..


3) Down to earth: We watched "Einmal Himmel und zurueck original version" in Harmonie Lux-Kinocenter Haupstr. 110 Heidelberg


4) Shame, Shame Vairamuthu!: "Internet-il A joke paarthaal sariyaa thavaraa?", "Pengalai paarthaal paravasam varuthe, sariyaa thavaraa?", "Naangal pachai pachaya kelvigal kettaal sariyaa thavaraa?". Enna, ungalukku indha kelvikkellaam badhil theriyumaa? Jyothika 12B padathil paada pogum paadal ithu. Lyrics courtesy vairamuthu..! Shame on him!


5) Unnal Mudiyum Thambi: The title of the movie is the famous line of Dr. Udhaya Moorthi who was a source of inspiration for youth in Tamil Nadu. Apparently even K. Balachandar was inspired by that which prompted him to make the movie with the lead character just echoing Dr. Udhaya Moorthiís thoughts. Even the heroís( Kamalís) name in the movie is Udhaya Moorthi.

This movie is about the rift in the relationship between a father and son. Father ( Gemini) thinks that music is everything and belongs to the select few (orthodox) but his son ( Kamal) thinks that music is also a part of life and not the only thing. The hero, being an philanthropist, thinks humanity comes before music and takes the tough job of cleansing the society with the help of his lover (Seetha). He is applauded by the Prime Minister (as well as his father) for setting up a role model village. There are a lot of messages in this movie which might justify its failure at the Box office.

The best part of the movie was that everything was said in a positive way.



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