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1) The Art of Tabla: Classical & Contemporary Solo Tabla of India: Sangeet Studios: World Music Performance & Learning Center, 1212 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. tel: 856-745-5361 - email: tabla AT --- Teaching classes in NJ, PA, & DE


2) Soul Stirring Carnatic Keyboard Concert by Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan:

“Soul stirring scintillating Carnatic Keyboard performance that reverberates in us even much after the concert is over” is how the Southern California’s audience review and describe about Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan’s concert on May 14th 2005 at Hoover Auditorium. She was accompanied by Shri Vittal Ramamurthy on the violin and Shri Neyveli Narayanan on the Mrudangam. The hall was overflowing double its capacity. More than 700 Music rasikas witnessed this young musical genius concert.

Amruthavarshini Muralikrishnan is just 16 years old, young star making a rave in the USA, India and around the world by popularizing the Carnatic music on the Keyboard and is already taking the world of Carnatic music by storm. Innocence on the face, mastery in presentation and classicism in performance made music lovers to bind in Amruthavarshini’s spell of music. Music is part of her lineage. Varshini’s formal training in music started at the tender age of 2 and needless to say that her first teachers were her father, and mother, Veena and Keyboard virtuoso performer and Guru Shri N. Muralikrishnan ( and renowned Carnatic performer and teacher Smt. Rose Muralikrishnan ( who is a disciple of M. L Vasanthakumari.

Varshini is a first ever child prodigy to perform the Carnatic Music on the Electronic keyboard who started playing the instrument at the age of two under the tutelage of her Father and Guru Shri N. Muralikrishnan. After Several years of research playing Carnatic Music on the Keyboard was a concept conceived and stylized by N. Muralikrishnan under the model "Changing Trends without Changing traditional Values” 23 years ago, which became a hot pick among the youngsters in the field of Carnatic music lately in India and around the world. Not only are her father and mother a well known gurus, but are musicologists and renowned Carnatic practitioners who performed around the globe for more than two decades.

Varshini started the concert with the chouka kala Ata tala Bhairavi Varnam in thrikalam within the same tala cycle. Playing the Keyboard on right hand, doing the tala on her left with a great smile and cheer proved her mastery and confidence on the instrument. Her rendition of Vathapi in Hamsadwani in drutha kala with Kalpana swara was an effective booster. A difficult Anupama gunambudhim in Atana was an excellent communicative piece between the main artist and the accompanists Vittal Ramamurthy and Neyveli Narayanan. After Sobillu saptaswara, brova bharama and few other krithis a grand main Chakkani Raja Marga in raga Karaharapriya was great gate opener to prove her brilliance and deep knowledge in music. Ragam Tanam Pallavi in Raga Mohanam was a breath taking piece of the evening. The concert ended with traditional Tamil, Kannada Telugu Thukkadas with a grand Tillana in Behag by Lalgudi Jayaraman and Mangalam. Chemistry between Amruthavarshini and the accompaniments Shri Vittal Ramamuthy on the violin and Shri Neyveli Narayanan on mirdangam kept the entire concert lively and thrill filled.

Several well known musician and performers such as Delhi Sunderrajan, B.U. Ganesh, Raji Gopalakrishnan, and Southern California Carnatic music organizers and teacher were present in the audience and praised Varshini’s performance level with today’s master musicians. Delhi Sundarrajan delivered a speech and mentioned that Varshini’s presentation of music is beyond the mastery level. Her stage presence, eye contact and communication with accompanists, performing the tala in left and playing the keyboard in the right hand, Raga sancharas, Jaru prayogas, selection of ragas and compositions were well appreciated by him. She was awarded with the title of Sangeetha Kala Rathna by Antelope Valley Temple officials.

At the end speech Amruthavarshini said that there are no short cuts for success in any field. A goal with focus, dedication, hard work, long hours of practice, parental support, appreciating audience and gods grace are the key to make things possible.

Amruthavarshini has a dream of popularizing the keyboard in the Carnatic music scene widely as a solo and accompanying instrument. As there was Baluswami Dikshitar for violin, U. Srinivas for Mandolin, Kadiri Gopinath for Saxophone, A.K.J. Natarajan for Clarinet, she wants Amruthavarshini to be a land mark for Keyboard in Carnatic History.

Amruthavarshini has played in many Music Albums, music and dance productions and performed at several prestigious Halls such as Carpenter's performing Arts center of Long Beach, Cerritos Performing Arts Center, Bovard Auditorium, Getty Museum Center of Los Angeles, Cleveland Aradhana, and so forth. She also participated in several World music Festivals around the country and was a special invitee at the A.R. Rahman’s LA 2000 show at Shrine Auditorium to sing the Vande Matharam and National Anthem of India. She often accompanies her father and mother’s Carnatic concerts in and around the country. She participated in several fund raising events for many nonprofit organizations such as UdhavumKarangal, ASHA-LA, SPICMACAY, Tamil Rehabilitation Organization (TRO) for Tsunami Disaster Relief, and Corazon de Vida Foundation for orphans in Baja, to support good cause.

Varshini is well versed in Western and Carnatic singing and bagged over 100 awards, prizes, and certificates for her merit. She plays the Sarasvathi veena, as well as the western Piano, and has composed music for several musical events. She makes difference in sick and older Citizens lives by volunteering at retirement homes through her music performances. She enjoys western dancing, playing sports, and swimming as spare time hobbies. Her second interest is public speaking and attended many conferences in California and Arizona High Schools and Universities and won many awards for speech debates.


3) VEENA TEACHER, EDISON, NJ: If you are interested in learning saraswathi veena, please contact 732-603-9408 or Individual and weekend classes will be taken. Location : EDISON, NJ, USA


4) Veena Classes at Mylapore: veena classes held at mylapore. ph_4981431


5) Pakrashi & co offers the biggest range of harmoniums: Welcome to the world of Music lovers of India as well as many overseas countries are familiar with the brand name PAKRASHI & Co; as a manufacturer of quality harmonium since 1922.


6) Mirudhangam-Teacher in Oakdale, PA: Mirudhangam-Teacher. Name: Shiva Address: Oakdale, PA ( changed on 2005-06-03. previously: 3K Reading Road, Edison, NJ-08817 ) Phone: 732-452-1154 Email: This teacher learned and had been performing since 1990. Guru: Poongulam Shri. Sabesaiyer. Classes available in weekends too.


7) Indian Classical Instruments: A listing of a wide variety of old and new, North and South Indian classical instruments by type - wind, string, percussion, with brief descriptions.


8) Indian Musical Instruments:


9) TABLA.COM: 2do



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