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1) public decency on singapore trains:

In Singapore, during my daily travel, I can avoid using the bus, but not the trains.

Off late, acts of public in-decency have been on the rise.

Ofcourse, am learning something from every one of these situations. every one of these situations remind me of "See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil"

I can easily see no evil by closing my eyes. But closing my ears is not so easy. Only yesterday, someone was SHOUTING on the phone. Since the N73 engineers have designed the headphones allow any noise :-), it is all the more difficult !

I have an idea that am sure is easily implementable in Singapore


if you have not seen , do so !

in front of capitol tower


2) WayPath: The Waypath Project is "an attempt to network the weblog community, connecting weblogs that share common themes, ideas, and topics."



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