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1) howto overcome news addiction:


2) Crazy Uses For Coca Cola!: To clean a toilet: Pour a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl. Let the "real thing" sit for one hour, then flush clean. The citric acid in Coke removes stains from vitreous china. This is according to household-hints columnist MaryEllen.


3) Doc Searls Weblog: And loving the crap out of him seems to be working fine. : Doc : For fun Jeffrey just pressed a cold glass of orange juice against my sweaty back. I cringed and let out a yowl. Jeffrey laughed. He's a trickster, and loves it when people emote. Always has. I had just told him not to do that. This, of course, was even more reason to do it anyway.

How, short of all the wrong moves, do you parent a disobedient kid who is amused by the effects?

One of the graces of being an old parent (I'll turn 54 at the end of this month) is giving a much smaller shit than I used to. Maybe that's because every "bad" kid I ever knew (and I've known a busload) have all turned out to be A-1 adults. They also bring to mind what Ed McCabe once said: "I hate rules. They only rule out the possibility of brilliant exceptions."


4) How to manage large volumes of email !: Philip Greenspun : The people do a reasonably good job of spam filtering, I guess, though I still get about 20 or 30 spams per day. I haven't automated much, though I do have the ability to write arbitrary code on either my server or in Lisp (I use a Lisp-based IMAP mail reader rolled into Emacs or Edwin (Emacs clone in Scheme) or sometimes Microsoft Outlook (!)). I've been thinking about hiring a housewife in India with a cable modem and paying her to go through my email, filing the important ones in an Important IMAP folder, responding to what she can, deleting the spam, etc. With IMAP it is easy to have lots of clients simultaneously accessing one's mail. And labor rates in India are pretty low. This will enable me to hit the road in my Winnebago and not come back to find 6000 messages.



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