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1) Book recommendations for potential writers?: Reading New Yorker magazine every week is probably more than enough if you want to keep up with what is good modern writing. Personally, I prefer Edith Wharton and her generation, but that's not a style that is likely to get one published in any modern magazine.


2) HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership, Strategy & Competition: Why Leaders Need Great Books: "Here's this young guy," says Badaracco of Jerry in the story. "He's smart. He's ambitious. Like the people he's selling insurance to, he's starting out with nothing in life. He wants to make something of himself; and ultimately he does. But he's got to deal very early in his career with something he thinks is wrong. "The struggle is partly with his own idealism versus the circumstances in which he's found himself. And it's partly against the policies of a large organization."


3) HBS Working Knowledge: Leadership, Strategy & Competition: Harold Bloom On What Bill Gates Should Be Reading This Summer: Every individual—regardless of profession—needs to stretch his mind and to reflect, now and again, on the human condition. Literature beckons, but which works should be read, and why? To help answer these questions, HBR senior editor Diane L. Coutu recently met with Harold Bloom, the Sterling Professor of the Humanities at Yale University and Berg Professor of English at New York University Graduate School. A MacArthur Prize winner, Bloom has edited more than 1,200 books of literary criticism and has written 24 books, among them such best-sellers as Shakespeare and The Western Canon. In this excerpt taken from a wide-ranging conversation in his home in New Haven, Connecticut, Bloom discussed what we can learn from literature—and what we cannot.



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