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1) allow sort of mails esp. by subject:

conversation threading is a good feature. but also allow sorting of mails by subject

Gmail labels and sorting


2) The ideal length of a podcast:

Attn: podcasters of the world. i too think that the ideal length of a podcast to be 10 to 20 minutes (and not 45 minutes)

the ideal podcast length : ..The magic podcast length is 20 minutes. Beyond that, your listeners will tune-out..

somewhere in vienna


3) Pediacast: A Pediatric Podcast For Parents by Mike Patrick Jr, MD: Thank you. I will start listening..
1. The latest file name is pediacast_009.mp3. Perfecto! Consider copying old files with other naming conventions (like episode_008.mp3 etc) to new files with the latest format and republish the blogs to point to the new filenames. It doesnot harm to keep a file with the old name as well as the new name (to make sure there is no 'file not found' from caches..)
2. Also increase the size of the "message box" in the contact page..


4) please include post subject to TITLE: dear joel, please include post subject to TITLE - e.g., change "Joel on Software" to "Joel on Software : Getting MarkDown and SmartyPants working with EditPad Pro" - At the very very least, it helps while !


5) delete account versus start again: who doesn't love delicious services.. would be nice if - it would be possible to just delete all links and "start again" instead of having to delete account and register again. because in between those 2 events there is a chance of "anyone able to register this username."


6) public decency on singapore trains:

In Singapore, during my daily travel, I can avoid using the bus, but not the trains.

Off late, acts of public in-decency have been on the rise.

Ofcourse, am learning something from every one of these situations. every one of these situations remind me of "See No Evil Hear No Evil Speak No Evil"

I can easily see no evil by closing my eyes. But closing my ears is not so easy. Only yesterday, someone was SHOUTING on the phone. Since the N73 engineers have designed the headphones allow any noise :-), it is all the more difficult !

I have an idea that am sure is easily implementable in Singapore


if you have not seen , do so !

in front of capitol tower


7) IT conversations: where is the about page ?


8) The Carbonite Solution to Online Backups: Boston based Carbonite is the closest to perfection we’ve seen so far. It requires a simple installation, and users choose to back up their entire hard drive or just parts of it. Carbonite then begins the backup process, uploading 2 GB per day over broadband until finished. Files are encrypted, and there is no limit on total storage.


9) would be nice if the file names contained the name of the podcaster: am listening to podcasts from averaging 1 in 2 days. it would be nice if the mp3 file names contain the name of the podcaster.. could be


10) Singapore Government Consultant Portal: freedback !


11) mp3 file names @

check the mp3 file names for IBM's podcasts and others @

the latest from IBM is

the latest from SAP is

consider creating all file names to start with YYYYMMDD



12) Acne Treatment: Find acne treatment for different types of acne. Tips, news, articles, best treatment and more...



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