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1) Oracle to offer free online storage - Tech News - Oracle will soon launch a new online service that will store and manage data for businesses. An Oracle executive said Tuesday that the database software giant will launch later this year a new service dubbed "Oracle Files Online" that businesses can use to store their corporate data. The service will be free for some levels of disk storage space, but Oracle is leaving open the possibility that it will charge for larger levels of storage. The new Internet service will become the latest Web offering from Oracle, which pumped up its online services, available on, last month with new software for small businesses to manage and automate business activities, such as sales, customer service,


2) Compaq makes move toward utility-based hardware services: Compaq on Tuesday became the latest major computer vendor to shift its focus from standalone product sales to complete technology solution offerings. The Houston-based company announced a change in its sales strategy, pushing software, hardware, and services packages to large corporate customers in a move to emphasize that it does more than make hardware. Calling the initiative "Computing on Demand," Compaq will tie installation and technical support services to its hardware sales of PCs, servers, storage, and handheld devices. This means Compaq customers will no longer have to build and scale their corporate IT networks with multiple product purchases.


3) ITtoolbox Portal for SAP News Headline : SAP Sees sales of CRM grow: Backed by a wealth of ERP system installations worldwide, SAP now finds itself carving a sizable niche for its brand of CRM software in Greater China. SAP officials said the company's first batch of CRM projects in the mainland and Hong Kong leveraged its ERP installations. Klaus Zimmer, president of SAP Greater China, said: "What we are helping companies achieve with our combination of business automation tools is to lay the groundwork for collaborative business. SAP is taking advantage of the upswing in CRM spending. The ERP giant reports sales of mySAP CRM jumping 50% since January this year to bring the number of customers to more than 850 worldwide.



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