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1) The Philosophers Magazine:


2) Dr Bernarr : Our Philosophy: Our philosophy rests on the unshakable foundation that the body heals itself. Many others contend that this is so. However, they give the body all kinds of medication, herbs and therapies to try to make the body function in a particular manner. They do this only to find the foundation begins to crumble. Then they must search for more materials to prevent its fall.

They do not understand that the body needs to be left alone and not to interfere with it. The body is much more intelligent than all human beings. It knows what to do and we do not. We simply make guesses when we try to apply different therapies.

The main ingredient in the health recipe is rest, as we teach it. From there, you add those raw foods (preferably) or natural, unprocessed foods cooked as little as possible, that you like and that agree with you, exercise and meditation. You will end up with quite a beautiful and delicious dish!

We must offer a word of caution. There is no quick fix. As soon as you begin to rest our way, you will feel better immediately. Your body will respond right away to the rest, meditation, exercise and the right type of natural foods. This does not mean you will be healed immediately. The body will take the time that it needs. So throw in a dash of patience and a good helping of love!



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