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1) Music via Internet...:

...Are you interested in learning carnatic music? There is no need to worry if you don't have a preceptor. It is enough if you have a computer and an internet connection. Right from your home you can learn music...through the internet. In the fast developing world of communication, you can learn music from any part of the world.

Mr. Dhasarathy, from Chennai, is teaching flute for the past one year, only through this method. He is working with Chennai Life Insurance Corporation. His guru Mr. Raghu and he have been conducting classes successfully in flute for nearly 200 students through the internet. ...


2) Weight convertor: Convert from one weight unit to others


3) Translator: Also in Language-Tools-Translator


4) Currency convertor: Get value in another currency for amount in given currency


5) Time convertor: Get the current time in any part of the world


6) Professor Who Once Found Isolation Online Has a Change of Heart: Three years ago, Robert Kraut, a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, released a shocking study of the Internet's impact. According to his findings, heavy Internet users reported increases in loneliness and depression and saw the size of their social networks decline over time. Could the Internet a presumed tool of connectivity and community actually be causing people to feel more isolated and alone? Now Dr. Kraut is causing a stir yet again. He has new data from a more recent survey that in many respects contradicts his original research. Following up with the subjects of his first study, he found that the symptoms of depression had declined and that loneliness no longer appeared to be significantly associated with Internet use.



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