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1) SAP to double programming staff in India: German software maker SAP plans to hire 1,900 software programmers to work in its Bangalore, India, development center by the end of 2006, the company said Tuesday.


2) The Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha presents Crazy Mohan's Jurassic Baby and Maadhu Plus Two:

The Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha presents Crazy Mohan's Jurassic Baby and Maadhu Plus Two in aid of the Educational Efforts of "Saraswathy Kindergarten" administered by The Hindu Endowments Board

Date: Friday 6th August 2004 (Jurassic Baby), Saturday 7th August 2004 (Maadhu Plus Two) - Time 8pm - Season Tickets: $150, $100, $50, $30 - Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Convention Centre, 500 Dover Road, Singapore 139651 (Dover MRT is directly connected to SPCC). Bus Nos: 14, 74, 105, 106, 147, 166 - Car Park Entry: Through Gate 1 on Dover Road

For more details, contact The Singapore Dakshina Bharatha Brahmana Sabha


3) Shai Agassi's passion -- NetWeaver: When SAP executive board member Shai Agassi talks about SAP NetWeaver, he speaks of miracles, Red Seas parting and a new belief system. On the eve of SAP NetWeaver 2004 announcement last week, Agassi talked with about why he thinks SAP NetWeaver can change the IT world.


4) SIFAS Festival of Music and Dance 2004 - 2nd to 11th April 2004: The festival would have 2 kinds of performances: - the daily free shows at SIFAS, featuring local Singaporean and regional ASEAN artists. And we have some ticketed shows, which will feature the biggest names in the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance from India.

  1. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
  2. Ms Alarmel Valli
  3. Ranjani and Gayathri
  4. Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
  5. Sangeet Samrat Chitraveena N Ravikiran
  6. The Hyderabad Brothers


5) Clint Willis: Why Meditate?: A Book of Answers for Everyone:

Clint Willis: Why Meditate?: A Book of Answers for


6) Review : Bombay Jayashri Ramnath and Unnikrishnan : A night of Solo Classical Music Exploration In aid of Stepping Stones Home:

Bombay Jayashri Ramnath and Unnikrishnan : A night of Solo Classical Music Exploration - In aid of Stepping Stones Home - Saturday, 6 March 2004 - Civic Centre, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (A presentation of Raaga’s Music, with the Rotary Club of Bangsar)

Ist Half

Vocal: Bombay Jayashri Ramnath
Violin : RK Shriramkumar
Mridangam : K Arun Prakash
Kanjira : TD Rajagopal
Song List:
  1. Bhaja Manasa (Bahudari, Adi, Tulasi Vanam)
  2. Teliya Leru Rama (Denuka, Adi, Thyagaraja) – K/Swarams at Pallavi Line
  3. Tillai Chidambaram (Poorvikalyani, Misrachapu, Gopalakrishna Bharathi)- Raagam, k/Swarmas at Pallavi Line (Thillai..)
  4. Sakala Graha (Atana, Khandachapu, Purandara Das)
  5. Shankaracharyam (Shankarabharanam, Adi, Subbarama Dikshitar) – MAIN PIECE : Raaga, Neraval and Swaras at Parama followed by Thani.
  6. Bhajan (didn’t catch details!)
  7. Thillana (Lalgudi Jayaraman Composition)

A wonderful build up to the main piece. First 4 songs kept getting better. Pporvikalyani was a delight..and song rendered with much bhava. By the time she got to the main piece in and she announced that Main piece was to be in Sangkarabaharanam, audience expectiations were high. Main piece was thus a bit of a let down, as it felt quite rushed and half explored.

AKS was brilliant on the violin and for the Poorvikalyani and Sangakarabharanam pieces.

2nd Half
Vocal: Unnikrishnan
Violin : RK Shriramkumar
Mridangam : K Arun Prakash
Kanjira : TD Rajagopal
Song list:
  1. Inthamodi (Varnam, Saaranga, Adi, Thiruvottriyur Thyagarajar)
  2. Deva Deva (Mayamalavagoulai, Rupakam, Swathi Thirunal) – Raaga, Neraval and Swaram at Jata Roopa.
  3. Pirava Varam (Lathangi, Adi, P. Sivan)- Lengthy Rendition of Raaga, Swarams.
  4. Karthikeya Gangeya (Thodi, Adi, P.Sivan) – MAIN PIECE – Extensive elaboration of Raaga, followed by Raaga and Neraval at Vel Maruvu..
  5. Krishna Nee Begane (Vyasaraya)
  6. Thillana (Hamsanadi, Adi, Calcutta KS Krishnamurthy)
  7. Mangalam

It was clearly Unnikrishnan’s night. Absolutely fantastic renditions all! Beautiful elaborations of Lathangi and clear crisp swara passages followed. He clearly held the audience in awe for his main piece as there was pin drop silence whilst he took Thodi to new heights! Neraval and Swaras in Thodi were stunning ..with good chemistry between the Unni and AKS. The Thani too was a delight, and held the audience attention til the end… (not a single person walked out!!!!) A sigh of disappointment rippled through the audience when he announced his last piece, clearly wanting him to sing more (although it was already 12.30 am!!!) Most of the audience we already on their feet before he could finish his Mangalam for a truly much deserved standing ovation.

sent by Gayathri ( gayaindran at )


7) A Technical Introduction - Shruthi: .....even in Carnatic, we have 12 notes in the octave, even though they are referred to by 16 names.....If we assign R1, R2 & R3 to the three possible Rishaba notes and G1, G2 & G3 to Gandhara notes, the actual pitch of R2 is same as that of G1 and R3 is same as that of G2. So, instead of 6 possible notes between Sa and Pa, we only have 4 (R1, R2 or G1, R3 or G2, G3).....


8) "Be the change" - AID Tucson brings Guitar Prasanna and Drums Steve Smith: AID Tucson proudly presents "Be the change" An event that brings together the best of Indian Carnatic and Western Jazz music - Come.Be the change!


9) Sri Gnanananda Seva Samajam: Video / Audio Casettes and VCDs are available for sale.



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