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1) OtherUnix: Unless you are as powerful as Disney, Coca-Cola, or the Olympic Committee, worldwide and universal trademarks don't exist; the same name can often be used in trade for completely different things. Details depend on the country, the category of goods offered, and of course the tenacity and wealth of the trademark holder. I recall, evidently correctly, that Unix Pacific, the organization created to distribute and support AT&T (later USL) Unix systems in the Asia/Pacific area had to step carefully around trademark issues with Marantz in Japan. UNIX® was registered by Bell Laboratories as a trademark for computer operating systems. Today this mark is owned by Open Group, who are happy to tell you about how they would like it to be used.


2) how impressions are formed: An experience in the sense plane sinks into the depths of the subconscious mind. There it becomes a samskara (an impression). The impression of an experience is formed, in the citta, (subconscious mind), at the very moment that the mind experiences it. There is no gap between the present experience and the formation of the samskara in the subconscious mind. ...

Samskara is also known as 'residual potency'. When all vrttis or thoughts die away, the frame of the mind remains, with the samskaras. This is termed the 'potential mind'. All samskaras co-exist in the mind. Vrttis slowly subside, leaving traces in the mind. These traces are samskaras. From them springs memory.

If you have yogic vision, you can vividly notice the marvels that take place in the mental factory of an individual. You can see how the vrtti arises in the mind-lake. You can see how it subsides. And you can see how a samskara is formed. You will be struck with wonder. Samskaras are like forces they either aid or inhibit one another.

The sum total of all samskaras is known as karmasaya (receptacle of works) and this is called sancita karma (accumulated works). When a man leaves the physical body he carries with him his astral body of seventeen tatvas (elements) and the karmasaya, to the mental plane. Karmasaya is burnt in toto by the highest knowledge, obtained through asamprajnata samadhi (the non-dual superconscious state).

karma saya



3) Hinduism Today Magazine: 2do


4) Biographies of Great Indians: We present here, biographies of great men and women from India (Bharat). This list is by no means complete. This list is being continually updated.


5) - Sympathy over Kohl wife\'s suicide - July 5, 2001: Expressions of sympathy are pouring in for the former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl whose wife has committed suicide at the age of 68. Hannelore Kohl was found dead on Wednesday night at the family's home in the western city of Ludwigshafen after seven years of suffering from a rare and painful allergy to sunlight.

via via Adrian


6) Yahoo - Online Report Cards Draw High Marks: "It's making a difference in students' performances, and some would not have graduated if not for the new system."


7) Tim Berners-Lee: The inventor of the web - What more can I say !



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