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1) Hwaseong Grape Assocation: Korean Hwaseong Grape are so so so tasty. Does the association have a website ? Factors that make hwaseong grapes different from others: soil, climate, clean water, cultivation maintenance, greenhouse facilities


2) Luigi Cornaro: How to Live 100 Years -- La vita Sobra: He cut down his intake of food to twelve ounces of solid foods and fourteen ounces of wine. He called his system la vita sobra, which became the name of the book he wrote later, "The Sober Life." With this small intake of food, Luigi immediately began to feel better. At the end of the year he was completely free of all his health problems.


3) avoid products with ingredient 'partially hydrogenated': If you see the words "partially hydrogenated" in the list of ingredients, put the product back and look for another brand.

Polyunsaturated fats in vegetable oils are healthy if they are left in the vegetables. Removing fats from vegetables shortens their shelf life. To preserve their freshness, they are either processed with heat, which destroys the very unstable essential omega-3 fatty acids; or, even worse, they are converted into harmful partially hydrogenated fats. Hydrogen atoms are added to replace the unsaturated double bonds between carbons, to create a very stable, more solid fat that is similar to saturated fat but has a different chemical structure. Approximately 7.5 percent of the fat in our diet comes from partially hydrogenated fats, which have been linked to increased risk for cancer and heart attacks.


4) IHT: Red Bull: Dot-Com Survival Soda: If Mountain Dew is the drink of geeks and Gatorade the elixir of athletes, then Red Bull has emerged as the beverage of choice for dot- commers fighting for survival. Techies swear by this caffeinated drink of Thai origin. Red Bull's adherents, however, are too busy fighting for their jobs to consider such scientific sour grapes. Deadlines are approaching. Dot-coms are crashing everywhere. The soda began appearing in the United States around 1997, just in time for the dot-com frenzy that turned 80-hour work weeks and all-night programming frenzies into a normal part of high-tech culture.



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