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1) Smt. Manorama Prasad: Smt. Manorama Prasad is known for her traditional and techincal rendering. For her, music is a passion and a challenge. Manorama has considerable concert experience. Her powerful voice has adorned her inborn gift of rendering pure music in an inimitable way. The control she has on the ragas and very complicated talas are something every music listener will appreciate. She is also a musicologist and has conducted several workshops, musical features, lecture demonstrations at various British Educational Institutions. She is actively involved in the muscial performances organised by UK Arts Council, London Arts Board, Asian Music Circuit, Ealing Music Service and other international music festivals. She has extensively travelled in India and Europe on concert tours. Students of Carnatic Classical Music at all levels from Basic to Advanced are welcome. I am also an experienced vocal support for Bharatnatyam performances. Interested parties can contact me at my e-mail address - manorama_hs at



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