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1) Sri Saraswathi 72 Melakarta Chakra: SRI SARASWATHI 72 MELAKARTA CHAKRA


2) Kutcheri - A Concert Experience: Carnatic Music is one of the most aesthetic and beautiful musical forms in the world. A pleasant atmosphere is created where the music is honest, natural and from the heart. For both the listener and the performer, the atmosphere in which we share this music is as much an experience as the music itself. It has the ability to sometimes even enhance the experience and spur creative impulses. Kutcheri is an experiment to present the collective expression of a group of artistes coming together and presenting music that is vibrant, in a setting that is vivid and bright with colours and light. This project is to show that a little work can go a long way in creating a portrait that is not often seen or listening to music in a way that is not often experienced.


3) Indian Classical Vocal Music Classes offered by Qualified, Sincere & Dedicated Teacher in Singapore: Home Tuitions Available too. (E-Learning) via Skype is also available to Foreign Students. Contact: +65(94660132) or musicgalsaras AT


4) Nirupa.M.A : Nirupa.M.A is conducting Veena &Vocal classes at West mambalam, Chennai. Lecturer Carnatic music college Students are welcome in any age group - contact no 99406 60346, 9144 24724355


5) Taala in Carnatic: ..Tala in Indian Carnatic Music is a time measure or rhythm cycle. As heart beat is to life for a man, Tala lends life for whole of a concert. It is said "Sruthi Mata Laya Pitha" which means, the drone emanated from the Tambura is Mother to the music and the Tala is like father. The tala or time in Carnatic Music is a series of counts made by wave of hand or tap of the hand on the lap or by using both the hands in a manner of clap..


6) Erode Nagaraj: Somebody claiming to be Erode Nagraj wrote:

I, Erode Nagaraj, from the childhood had a great interest to learn rhythm and was initiated into the art of Mrudangam at the age of 7 years. I learnt the art of mrudangam initially from Palladam Sri. V. Ramachandran for 8 years. In order to have further training in all the branches of this art, I became the disciple of Padmabushan Umayalpuram Sri K. Sivaraman since 1990. I took intensive and advance training from my revered Guru, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Umayalpuram Sri. K. Sivaraman, which included accompaniment to vocal music and instrumental music as well and to learn playing for more number of thalas. Though I had participated in several state level school competitions with distinction, my first debut at Chennai was held on Friday, the 16th April 1993. The Department of Culture, Ministry of Human Resources & Development, Govt. of India under the scheme, “Scholarship to Young Artistes in different Cultural Field” awarded me scholarship, during the year 1994 – 1996 (F2-53/94/CH2). I have been performing both in All India Radio since 02.06 1994 and Doordharsan Kendra, Chennai since 17.09.1994.I have also played laya vinyasam (Mrudangam Solo) in a rare thala - Misra Thriputa – Two Kalai- Samam in All India Radio, Chennai and laya vinyasam in Adhi Thala in Doordharsan, Chennai. I am an ‘A’ grade artiste. I have been playing in almost all esteemed sabas like The Music Academy, Sri Krishna Gana Saba and other well known organisations in India and abroad and also given lecture-demonstrations successfully. My performance on mrudangam was very much appreciated by vidwans and rasikas and I have won many best player awards and have also been credited with very good review in press like The Hindu, Indian Express and other celebrated magazines.

I have been thinking of making substantial contribution to the field of my profession and I owe fullest responsibility not only to maintain the cultural heritage of this art but also to take the art of mrudangam to Global Level, to the mass and even to the layman, the niceties of this art without compromising the sasthras and grammar. I have a very good experience in teaching fingering techniques and laya intricacies of mrudangam for the past 6 years not only to the students of India but also to foreigners. I am keen to interact with all forms of music. I rendered konnakol (verbal rendition of jathis and phrases that are played in mrudangam) to the playing of my Guru Padmabushan Umayalpuram Sri K. Sivaraman with Mr. Steve Coleman (Sax) and Vijay Iyer (Key board) from USA, in the Madras Cricket Club. My mrudangam solo in a rare thala (sankeerna chapu) has been recorded for Samudra, an organization promoting Indian music in London. G.K.Foundation Trust created with noble ideals inter alia honouring selected best musicians and dancers, honoured me in their anniversary function held on 31st July 2001, along with Sangeetha Kalanidhi Palghat Sri K.V. Narayanaswamy. I had the privilege of performing in the platinum jubilee of the Music Academy in the august presence of the Honourable President of India Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, Governor of Tamil Nadu Sri Ram Mohan Rao, Sangeetha Kalanidhi Padma Vibhushan Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer and Sitar Maestro Padma Vibhushan Sri RaviShankar.

TTN – the Thamizh Oli Network of Europe, has telecast my interview and mrudangam solo. Chennai-online interviewed me for their internet magazine. I have also performed in Sun-TV, Raj-TV ( DVD of the concert has been released by Raj Video Vision) and Raj Digital Plus and in WIN-TV in their special programmes.

UPDATE : I visited Detroit (MI,USA )last year ( june – November -05) for concerts, lec-dem and classes for advanced level and beginners and also teaching rhythmic intricacies for vocalists and instrumentalists.


7) Dr. K J Yesudas @ 50 Rivervale Crescent Sengkang: In connection with the consecration ceremony at Arulmigu Velmurugan Gnanamuneeswarar Temple, musical and dance programs have been arranged.
Today Dr. K J Yesudas is scheduled to rock [ :-) ] starting @ 8pm @ 50 Rivervale Crescent Sengkang


8) Chennai College of Carnatic Music: Somebody claiming to be lee coulson (towhom AT wrote:
Do you please have an email contact for the Chennai College of Carnatic Music


9) Savita Sreeram wishes to perform and teach music in New Jersey: Somebody claiming to be Savita Sreeram (sreevita24 AT wrote:
I am a B-High Graded artise of the All India Radio.
Currently I am looking at oppourtunities to perfrom here and also to teach music here.


10) Learn Carnatic music,Annamacharya kritis and more from M.B.shankar: Somebody claiming to be shankar (naarada AT wrote:
Reg: "Naada tanumanisam shankaram"..

This is M.B.shankar.I am in Princeton,New Jersey.I am desciple of "Mahamhopadhyaya" Dr.Nookala China Satyanarayana and "Padmavibhushan" D.K.Pattammal.
I am a music director..did music for morethan 100 music albums.
Learn Carnatic music,Annamacharya kritis and more ..
Contact me Email: naarada AT (or) shankar_mcp AT
I will give the phone number soon.
prefer HOME me if you are interested..


11) Seeking violonist and flutist for an Arangetram in Memphis, TN USA on August 5, 2006:

Somebody claiming to be Jayashree Kumar (jskumar AT wrote:

I am looking for a Flutist and a Violonist to play for an Arangetram in Memphis, TN USA. Please let me know if anyone is interest4ed.

Best regards Jayashree Kumar - contact jskumar AT


12) The Art of Tabla: Classical & Contemporary Solo Tabla of India: Sangeet Studios: World Music Performance & Learning Center, 1212 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107. tel: 856-745-5361 - email: tabla AT --- Teaching classes in NJ, PA, & DE


13) Subashree Ganeshprasad is a teacher in London: suba_gp AT writes ..I would like to let people know that i am keen to teach beginners to sing carnatic music. I am based in London and to begin with can be contacted through email..


14) CarnaticGuru webmart: Welcome to CarnaticGuru webmart an affiliate of SYAMA, Singapore- a not-for-profit entity. Conceptualised and designed by experts in carnatic music, our products intend to complement the traditional form of music education.


15) Where could i hear some carnatic music and other traditional Indian music in Dubai: Kiya writes: I am interested in Indian music although know nothing about it. Where could i hear some carnatic music and other traditional Indian music in Dubai?


16) Gita Govindam on May 21, 2005 at Plainsboro, NJ: Nrithyanjali Institute of Dance, a NJ based Not for profit institute with a mission to preserve and promote Indian classical art forms, are organizing an event Gita Govindam on MAy 21, 2005 at Plainsboro, NJ. It is choreographed and presented by Padma Bhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan, based on Jayadeva's compositions.


17) Vidyarthi - A Forum for Indian Art, Music, and Mythology: For many of us living in the Western world, India is a mystery. The religion is too ritualistic, the music is too complex, and the art is anachronistic. Are they really?

A caveat is in order. The interpretations that I provide on mythology, religion, or the fine arts are not made with any authority. They represent my view point. Learned scholars could offer other interpretations.


18) Raga Lakshana:

Raga Lakshana is the technical boundary of the raga. There are various factors that determine the Lakshana of a raga the arohana and the avarohana (the ascending the descending order of the scale), the characteristic phrases of the raga, the special distinguishing prayogas, the gamakas peculiar to a particular raga and so on. In fact different gamakas even when applied to the same swara portray different shades and is one of the factors that helps one differentiate between ragas. [ The Hindu: Torchbearer of a great tradition ]

also see carnatic - raga list


19) Review of a delightful vocal concert by Gowri Raghunandan at 21st Annual Thygaraja Aradhana - New Jersey, USA: by M.G. Prasad - (sent by shammiraghu at )

It was one of those bright days in January when the weather was very pleasant and the audience was treated with another pleasant experience of a delightful vocal concert by Ms. Gowri Raghunandan (winner of Bharataratna M.S. Subbalakshmi award, in recognition of being placed first in the senior vocal competition 2004 conducted by CMANA - Carnatic Music Association of North America). She was accompanied by Ms. Smitha Krishnan on the violin Mr. and Prakash Venkatraman on the mridangam. This year’s Aradhana of saint composer and musician Sri Thyagaraja was celebrated on Saturday January 29, 2005. A highlight of the day was a one-hour concert by the highly talented young artists Gowri, Prakash and Smitha, at Glenrock Community church, NJ.

Gowri sang seven kritis of Thyagaraja reminding us of the seven notes. Her rendering of the well chosen first selection “Shobillu sapta swara….” in Jaganmohini raga set to Roopaka tala was beautiful. The music reflected the spirit of the composition that worships Goddess who presides over the seven notes that shine through navel, heart, throat, tongue, nose, etc and in the Vedas, Gayatri mantra and minds of Gods, holy men and Thyagaraja. In raga Ravichandrika set to Adi tala, the second offering “Maakelera vicharamu…..” was bringing out the melody and devotion to Rama who takes care of the things in the universe. The third kriti “Pariyachakama maata….” in raga Vanaspati and Roopaka tala was nicely sung. It is in Rama that one needs to take refuge as many devotees has been protected by him says Thyagaraja.

The fourth offering was another nice selection of popular kriti “Sogasuga mridanga taalamu…..” in raga Sriranjani set to Roopaka tala. Gowri presented a very nice aalapane and swara prasthara. On violin Smitha performed very well in this and all other kritis. It seemed planned as the tanyaavartane by Prakash in this offering resonated to the meaning of the kriti. Thyagarja humbly asks Lord Rama whether he can offer his music with all devotion and correctness of notes and rhythm. Gowri with Prakash and Smitha gave beautiful experience of sincere devotion and delightful music at their young age.

The next offering was “Okapari joodaga Rada…” in Kalavathi raga and set to Adi tala. Gowri brought the devotional feeling in this kriti in which Thyagaraja prays Rama to bless his grace through sight. In raga Saranga and set to Adi tala, the next kriti “Kamalaapta kula…” was nicely rendered that brought put the bhava of surrender as depicted by Thyagaraja. The final kriti was a popular one “Hechharika Ra Ra Ra…” in Yadukulakamboji raga and set to Khanda chapu tala. This kriti was very pleasantly rendered that brought out the feeling of inviting Rama as composed by Thyagaraja.

It was quite an experience to the audience that these young artisits not only gave high quality performance but also assured the future of Carnatic music is bright and strong in their hands. The organizers have to be congratulated for organizing such a tribute to both Saint Thyagaraja and the great spiritual path of music.

Brief profile of artists – each of them have won several awards over the years in festivals and competitions conducted throughout USA:

Gowri Raghunandan (9th Grade Student, Holmdel High School, student of Smt. Vani Sateesh – A grade Artist of All India Radio and currently residing in USA) Smitha Krishnan (10th Grade student, West Windsor Planesboro High School, student of Sri. Ananantha Krishnan, well known Musicologist and violin teacher, NJ) Prakash Venkatraman (11th Grade student, J.P. Stevens High School, Edison, student of Dr. Suresh Ramachandran, well known Mridangist, NJ)


20) Jayashree Venkatesh and Venkatesh teach Carnatic Vocal, Violin and Keyboard and Bhajans in palatine, IL.: Jayashree Venkatesh and Venkatesh teach Carnatic Vocal, Violin and Keyboard and Bhajans in palatine, IL. Our phono number is 847 934-7268 and email is jayvenpad at


21) Kattassery Joseph Yesudas in an interview with News Today: .....According to him [KJY's father], 'an artiste has to keep learning for many janmas, that was the lesson taught by my father which I follow till date'.....


22) Bharatakala School of Dance:

...Dance to the rhythm of life

Bharatanatyam, Folk and bollywood style dance lessons are offered to children between 5-16

Classes are taken on individual basis and in batches.

Choreography for filmi and folk dance are offered to both adults and youngsters..

Classes are conducted in Edison, NJ.

Phone: 732-322-8919

Email: bharatanatyamclasses at


23) Vasudev Murthy's Book What The Raags Told Me:

Vasudev Murthy's Book What The Raags Told Me is certainly unusual for a book on music

Vasudev Murthy's What The Raags Told Me is surely a one-of-its-kind book, a mystical exploration. The late V.G. Jog, overwhelmed by the book, calls it a "piece of art" in his foreword.

The Hindu: Deepa Ganesh interviews Vasudev Murthy


24) tandanAnA Ahi tandanAnA purE tandanAna bhALa: Lyrics for Brahma okkate para Brahmma okkate For audio, search in with "tandanAnA" Album: Tanmayatvam


25) Lessons in Carnatic music on phone from overseas: .....They both fix up a time when it is day in Chennai and night at New Jersey and the hour-long class takes place over the phone three times a week.....


26) M.S. subbulakshmi passes away, aged 88:

The Hindu : Front Page : M.S. subbulakshmi passes away, aged 88 M S Subbulakshmi passes away : .....The vocalist died peacefully in her sleep.....

You can listen to "Kurai Onrum Illai" and other songs by M.S. at Music India OnLine: Songs by Subbulakshmi M S

Meanwhile: The voice that touched India's soul : .....She was known as the "nightingale of India," but that scarcely captured what Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi - who died on Saturday at the age of 88 - was all about. Known widely as just "M.S.," she was the greatest singer of Carnatic music, the South Indian genre that's considered to be one of the oldest systems of devotional music in the world.....


27) Beat of India - At the heart of music. The folk music of India:

Beat of India brings the vibrancy and richness of the folk music of India to the World Wide Web. So that people from the world over can experience it and artists and listeners have a meeting point across boundaries of space and time.

In short, Beat of India is bringing about a Revival of folk music & You can be a part of this.


28) Keyboard Sathya: Master K Sathyanarayanan, a prodigy is just 9 year old (2004-08-08). He is presently learning instrumental under Mandolin shri U Shrinivas and vocal under Sri Badrinathan.


29) Raghavendra Academy Of Music: Raghavendra Academy Of Music(RAM) is offering different courses in Vocal,Veena and Mridangam.This Academy is a pioneer in teaching carnatic music and is located at two various places in Chennai(Palavakkam & Thiruvamiyur).The school undertakes training in Abyasa Ganam,Manodharma Sangeetham,Bala Pataam and Sahakaram.


30) Thirana is a non-profit organization focussing on the field of "Carnatic Music".: Thirana was formed in the year 1999 by some music fans in Chennai and it has grown over the years. Thirana also assists other non-profit organizations with their music related projects


31) Sowmya Natarajan teaches Carnatic vocal veena and tiruppugazh lessons at Edison NJ: "I teach Carnatic vocal and Veena in Edison New Jersey. I'm a direct student of Dr. Chittibabu." Individual attention for children and adults taking Carnatic vocal and veena lessons. Tiruppugazh classes for children and adults are preferably for those who are comfortable with tamizh. Contact me at 732 662 7458 or at sowmya_cotah AT


32) SIFAS Festival of Music and Dance 2004 - 2nd to 11th April 2004: The festival would have 2 kinds of performances: - the daily free shows at SIFAS, featuring local Singaporean and regional ASEAN artists. And we have some ticketed shows, which will feature the biggest names in the field of Indian Classical Music and Dance from India.

  1. Pandit Shiv Kumar Sharma
  2. Ms Alarmel Valli
  3. Ranjani and Gayathri
  4. Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhatt
  5. Sangeet Samrat Chitraveena N Ravikiran
  6. The Hyderabad Brothers


33) lots of teachers listed by state (of USA):


34) Review : Bombay Jayashri Ramnath and Unnikrishnan : A night of Solo Classical Music Exploration In aid of Stepping Stones Home:

Bombay Jayashri Ramnath and Unnikrishnan : A night of Solo Classical Music Exploration - In aid of Stepping Stones Home - Saturday, 6 March 2004 - Civic Centre, Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA (A presentation of Raaga’s Music, with the Rotary Club of Bangsar)

Ist Half

Vocal: Bombay Jayashri Ramnath
Violin : RK Shriramkumar
Mridangam : K Arun Prakash
Kanjira : TD Rajagopal
Song List:
  1. Bhaja Manasa (Bahudari, Adi, Tulasi Vanam)
  2. Teliya Leru Rama (Denuka, Adi, Thyagaraja) – K/Swarams at Pallavi Line
  3. Tillai Chidambaram (Poorvikalyani, Misrachapu, Gopalakrishna Bharathi)- Raagam, k/Swarmas at Pallavi Line (Thillai..)
  4. Sakala Graha (Atana, Khandachapu, Purandara Das)
  5. Shankaracharyam (Shankarabharanam, Adi, Subbarama Dikshitar) – MAIN PIECE : Raaga, Neraval and Swaras at Parama followed by Thani.
  6. Bhajan (didn’t catch details!)
  7. Thillana (Lalgudi Jayaraman Composition)

A wonderful build up to the main piece. First 4 songs kept getting better. Pporvikalyani was a delight..and song rendered with much bhava. By the time she got to the main piece in and she announced that Main piece was to be in Sangkarabaharanam, audience expectiations were high. Main piece was thus a bit of a let down, as it felt quite rushed and half explored.

AKS was brilliant on the violin and for the Poorvikalyani and Sangakarabharanam pieces.

2nd Half
Vocal: Unnikrishnan
Violin : RK Shriramkumar
Mridangam : K Arun Prakash
Kanjira : TD Rajagopal
Song list:
  1. Inthamodi (Varnam, Saaranga, Adi, Thiruvottriyur Thyagarajar)
  2. Deva Deva (Mayamalavagoulai, Rupakam, Swathi Thirunal) – Raaga, Neraval and Swaram at Jata Roopa.
  3. Pirava Varam (Lathangi, Adi, P. Sivan)- Lengthy Rendition of Raaga, Swarams.
  4. Karthikeya Gangeya (Thodi, Adi, P.Sivan) – MAIN PIECE – Extensive elaboration of Raaga, followed by Raaga and Neraval at Vel Maruvu..
  5. Krishna Nee Begane (Vyasaraya)
  6. Thillana (Hamsanadi, Adi, Calcutta KS Krishnamurthy)
  7. Mangalam

It was clearly Unnikrishnan’s night. Absolutely fantastic renditions all! Beautiful elaborations of Lathangi and clear crisp swara passages followed. He clearly held the audience in awe for his main piece as there was pin drop silence whilst he took Thodi to new heights! Neraval and Swaras in Thodi were stunning ..with good chemistry between the Unni and AKS. The Thani too was a delight, and held the audience attention til the end… (not a single person walked out!!!!) A sigh of disappointment rippled through the audience when he announced his last piece, clearly wanting him to sing more (although it was already 12.30 am!!!) Most of the audience we already on their feet before he could finish his Mangalam for a truly much deserved standing ovation.

sent by Gayathri ( gayaindran at )


35) Sri G N Desikan & Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidyalayam: Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidyalayam, Saidapet, Chennai 600 015, is to conduct the programmes in the field of music for Silver, Gold and Diamond jubilee year in 2005 due to the following reasons: - Sri Thyagaraja Sangeetha Vidyalayam, Saidapet, Chennai 15, Tamil Nadu, started in 1980 by Founder & Principal Sri G N Desikan, will be completing 25 years of musical service. This celebration will synchronise with the completion of 75 years of age for Sri G N Desikan and also his service in the music field for 50 years.


36) bhaavayaami raghuraamam:


37) A Technical Introduction - Shruthi: .....even in Carnatic, we have 12 notes in the octave, even though they are referred to by 16 names.....If we assign R1, R2 & R3 to the three possible Rishaba notes and G1, G2 & G3 to Gandhara notes, the actual pitch of R2 is same as that of G1 and R3 is same as that of G2. So, instead of 6 possible notes between Sa and Pa, we only have 4 (R1, R2 or G1, R3 or G2, G3).....


38) Desikan Ramaswamy, vocal music teacher (Northwest suburbs of Chicago in Mt Prospect): My name is Desikan Ramaswamy. I am a direct disciple of violin maestro Shri Lalgudi G Jayaraman. I am looking to teach vocal music if anyone is interested. I have learnt vocal singing directly from Shri Lalgudi Jayaraman for over 17 years. I live in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago in Mt Prospect. If you are interested in learning south indian classical carnatic music, please contact me via email - desikanr AT or phone - 847 258 3145


39) "Be the change" - AID Tucson brings Guitar Prasanna and Drums Steve Smith: AID Tucson proudly presents "Be the change" An event that brings together the best of Indian Carnatic and Western Jazz music - Come.Be the change!


40) P. Venkataraman's Collection of some Ragas and Compositions: ...These pages contain many of the compilations I continue to make as I teach myself Carnatic music. I am a student of flute and keyboard...This is a searchable database with about 5000 entries...


41) Teachers and Performers of Indian Music and Dance in Virginia:


42) Sri Gnanananda Seva Samajam: Video / Audio Casettes and VCDs are available for sale.


43) Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavatar (1895 - 1974): CHEMBAI - One of a cluster of villages near Palakkad, in Kerala, where tamil speaking immigrant brahmins; among them musicians, from the Kaveri delta settled three to five centuries ago. CHEMBAI - Also the 'prenom' by which the most highly revered carnatic musician came to be known.


44) Darshan Kumari: Darshan Kumari is a disciple of Shri Raj Kumar Bali and Shri Jamaluddin Bhartiya, a senior disciple of Pandit Ravi Shankar. She also has had extensive training from the famous Veena player Ustad Ziamoinuddin Dagar. She teaches at the School of Indian arts, located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and does performances.


45) Kalaimamani K. Govindasamy:

We are the performers of the SOUTH INDIAN TRADITIONAL MUSIC INSTRUMENT CALLED NADHASWARAM. Music instrument known for its divine classical music. We can perform keerthanas, varnams, pancharatna keerthanas,mallaris, pallavi, bajans, devaram, tirupugaz and all other things related to divine carnatic music. We can also perform English notes, tunes and lyrics through this instrument. Having a vast experience of 45 years in this field.25 years of experience in All India Radio (AIR), Pondicherry, South India. Received many awards and titles, which includes the award Kalaimamani by the Government. Recited many programmes, which includes South zone, hook up concerts, Mangala isai, vadyha virundha, vadhya lahari. you can feel and experience the 100% real atmosphere of Saint Thyagaraja's Aradana at your place too.

We can also perform Nadhaswaram with various combinations like, Violin, Mridangam, Kanjira, Morsing, Tabela. Violin is of known Instrument. Mridangam is a Drum like instrument, which is nothing but called Mini Indian drum. It produces a good rhythmic sound when it was beaten. Kanjira is a handsome plate like instrument made of goat skin. It can produce some different sounds like rain coming, air flowing. Morsing is a very small instrument which is beaten up in the mouth to produce sound, it also produces some different sounds. Tabela is also a well-known instrument. We can also add Saxophone, Clarinet with the above combinations. we can produce very rhythmic traditional music with all these combinations. With other combinations like with the Tamilnadu traditional dance Bharathanatyam. We can also perform with the combinations dance and Nadhaswaram.

We are located at South India in Pondicherry. Auroville, an important International township lays only 3 kms from our place and world well renowed Shri Aurobindo Swamiji's Ashram lays only at 2 Kms from our place.


We are a team of 6 persons which includes 2 Nadhaswaram, 2 Thavil, Layam, Shruti, Thavil called a drum like instrument which produces more sound with classical rhythm. It is also called South Indian drum.s

Send online enquiry for our programme or contact us:

K. Govindasamy
174, Mahatma Gandhi Road,
Muthialpet, Pondicherry-605 003
South India.
Phone: +91- 413-238703
Fax No: +91-413-239370


46) Music via Internet...:

...Are you interested in learning carnatic music? There is no need to worry if you don't have a preceptor. It is enough if you have a computer and an internet connection. Right from your home you can learn music...through the internet. In the fast developing world of communication, you can learn music from any part of the world.

Mr. Dhasarathy, from Chennai, is teaching flute for the past one year, only through this method. He is working with Chennai Life Insurance Corporation. His guru Mr. Raghu and he have been conducting classes successfully in flute for nearly 200 students through the internet. ...


47) mElukO dayAnidhi mElukO dAsharathi:


48) mInAkSi mEmudam dEhi:

Kirthanai: mInAkSi mEmudam dEhi 
Ragam: gamakakriya (a.k.a pUrvi kalyAni) (Melam 51) 
Talam: Adi 

	mInAkSi mE mudam dEhi
	mEchakA.nki rAja mAta.ngim
	mAna mAt.r mEyE mAyE
	marakata cchAyE 'siva jyAyE
	mIna lochani pA'sa mochani
	mAnini kadamba vana vAsini
	madhurApuri nilayE maNi valayE
	malayaddhwaja pANdya rAja  tanayE
	vidhu viDambana vadanE vijayE
	vINA gAna da'sa gamaka kriyE
	madhu mada mOditha h.rdayE sadayE
	mahAdEva sundarE'sa priyE
	madhu mura ripu sOdari 'sAtOdari
	vidhi guruguha va'sa.nkari 'sa.nkari
NOTE: This krthi is on Goddess Meenakshi of Madurai temple, as it is clearly mentioned in the Charanam. (madhurapuri nilaye, sundaresa priye, etc). The raga mudra Gamakakriya appears in the fourth line of charanam. It is said that this was the last song which he asked his disciples to recite), and this belief is engulfed in the phrase :pA'sa mOchini" (remover of all wordly bondages - since he knew his end was coming). T N Seshagopalan excelled in singing this Krithi. Gamamakriya is the Poorvikalyani of the sampoorna paddhathi.


49) Core of Karnatic Music:

'Core of Karnatic Music', compiled and edited by Mr.A.D.Madhavan, a management professional retired from service having keen interest in music, is an anthology of 404 famous Karnatic Music Krithis of 33 well-known composers in seven Indian languages.Against each Krithi, there is the text or 'Sahithya' in Devanagari, English and Malayalam and its meaning or 'Saramsa' in English and Malayalam. An anthology of this kind, with as large as 404 popular Krithis of 33 famous composers, in seven Indian languages, with features mentioned above, under a single folder is unique and perhaps the first of its kind in Karnatic music literature. This work therefore is bound to benefit music lovers, teachers and students around the world, who have knowledge of Devanagari, English or Malayalam.

Of the 404 compilations, 118 are of Thyagaraja Swamikal, 75 of Muthuswami Dikshithar, 31 of Shyama Sasthri, 39 of Swathithirunal, 23 of Purandaradas, 23 of Annamacharya, 19 of Papanasam Shivan and balance 72 of various other distinguished composers like Uthukad Venkatasubbaiyer, Mysore Vasudevacharya, Sadasiva Brahmendrar, Narayana Theerthar, Kanaka Dasa, Mutthaiah Bhagavathar, Arunagirinathar, Subrahmanya Bharathi, K.C. Kesava Pillai, Irayimman Thampy, Kuttikkunju Thankachi, Narsinh Mehta and others.

'Ganagandharva', Dr. K.J.Yesudas, who has written the 'Foreword' to this book, has observed that this book should be possessed by every music student and sangeetha vidwan not only as a reference book, but to understand the meaning of the Krithis, so that they will be able to sing with the right 'bhava'.

The above book, having 626 pages of A4 size, already published by M/s Pen Books Pvt.Ltd, Aluva, Kerala and released to the public by His Excellency : The Governor of Kerala, Shri.Sikander Bakht, on 4 th May 2003, at a cultural function of "Swaralaya", Thiruvananthapuram , is priced at Rs.650/- in India and US $ 35/- abroad.

The Author, Mr.A.D.Madhavan (admadhavan at and the Publishers, Pen Books Pvt Ltd (penbooks at can be contacted through e-mail.

A dozen sample Krithis extracted from the book and other details about this work can be had from the website of the author(


50) Smt. Manorama Prasad: Smt. Manorama Prasad is known for her traditional and techincal rendering. For her, music is a passion and a challenge. Manorama has considerable concert experience. Her powerful voice has adorned her inborn gift of rendering pure music in an inimitable way. The control she has on the ragas and very complicated talas are something every music listener will appreciate. She is also a musicologist and has conducted several workshops, musical features, lecture demonstrations at various British Educational Institutions. She is actively involved in the muscial performances organised by UK Arts Council, London Arts Board, Asian Music Circuit, Ealing Music Service and other international music festivals. She has extensively travelled in India and Europe on concert tours. Students of Carnatic Classical Music at all levels from Basic to Advanced are welcome. I am also an experienced vocal support for Bharatnatyam performances. Interested parties can contact me at my e-mail address - manorama_hs at


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