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1) My Mission-Critical Software: So here's a list of the software that I use, including a rough frequency of use, and whether or not it is open source


2) Squirrels and People...: Dave : 'Patrick Scoble, age 7, came for a visit on Sunday with his father Robert. Patrick is impressed with the squirrels in my forest. He wanted to know if the they take their orders from me. I said no, they don't even know I exist, and if they did they certainly wouldn't care what I think.'


3) Distributed membership and preferences: Membership and preferences standards are a hot topic among independent developers, because of Microsoft's Passport, which is in rapid deployment now. Developers are now faced with a choice -- support Microsoft's membership system, and thereby feed customers to them, or develop an open, clonable and decentralized system, so that membership is a competitive space, not owned by one or two large companies.


4) Conscious Loving by Hendricks and Hendricks: at Program mers

My pitch to programmers, which is far more revolutionary than any programming language or operating system can be, is to look for understanding where you find it, work with people you want to work with, and don't waste time with people who won't listen and aren't grounded in the truth.


5) The Scoble Story: A hypothetical story.. "I know how to press his button," a random person at Microsoft says. A phone call is made, or an email is sent, it doesn't have to say much, and someone loses their job. In the current economic environment that's a lot of power...

(On the other hand there are powerful people, not at Microsoft, who respond less generously to criticism, even when it's delivered with a soft touch. To expose that now could do serious damage to something I care a lot about and have a lot invested in so I choose not to. So the same thing is happening right here on Scripting News, and I don't (think) I have to tell you how much I hate it.)



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