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1) JK on 'how to realise eternal reality: It is through self-knowledge, not through belief in somebody else's words, that a man comes to the eternal reality, in which his being is grounded.


2) Meditation: ...To meditate, place your body in, and keep your body in, a comfortable position. Close your eyes, keep your eyes closed and keep your body inactive. Go into every part of your body and feel and think on whatever disconcerting sensations your body is producing, as intensely as you can. Keep concentrating and keep your mind on whatever symptoms you feel till they completely disappear. You may think that it feels like it is getting worse and that it will last forever. You will learn to realize that those are just irrational thoughts. Just experience it and you will learn to relate differently to your symptoms. Concentrate on your symptoms whether they be physical, mental and/or spiritual. The God within is always talking to you. To meditate, feel, concentrate and think on, whatever the God within is telling you, in the form of feeling sensations. If when you close your eyes, you daydream or sleep, i.e., your mind is wandering, then keep daydreaming or sleeping, until your mind becomes still. ...



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