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1) Lalim VCD Player (Freeware) (Win95,Win98,WinME,Win2000 and WinXP): Lalim VCD Player is a player, designed to play Video CDs. If the Video CD contains music tracks, you can simply click a button to play the track that responds to it. You can also set the volume, bass and treble, view full screen and more. The program is simple and small, just download and run, no installation required.


2) Dynamic DNS Network Services - We provide free dynamic/static DNS aliasing services and web redirection services to the net community. The navigation bar to your right will direct you towards these services. Please visit our sponsors and consider donating to help us continue to provide these services to the community for free long into the future. Your support is vital to our efforts to expand and improve our services and reliability. Thanks in advance for your support!


3) Encompass Magazine, Charting a Sustainable Course - February / March 2001: Jim : "What an exciting concept! I would love to see this happen everywhere. Cars are the stinking dinosaur of the 20th century. Leaving the airport yesterday, I remember thinking to myself, "there's no way you pry the cars away from these people". And you couldn't take my car away from me right now. Life totally sucks down here without a car. The urbanized world will have to be redesigned to accomodate a car-free lifestyle but I think it would be more than worth it. I think it's critical for the future of our planet's environment, the environment our children and grand-children will have to breathe and play in."



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