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1) Germany Decries Artist\'s Performance: He has said the performance, advertised with posters around the city, was aimed at getting people to think about how they associate with nature.

Those who came to watch seemed to agree.

"It raises these kinds of questions about what are the limits of ethics and what are the limits of art. It raises questions about our relationship to animal life," said Chris Boland of Detroit, who is studying in Berlin for the summer. "That's what art is supposed to do."

Angela Rosenthal of Berlin, another onlooker, said she had no right to criticize the performance because she eats meat and uses cosmetics that are sometimes tested on animals.

"What is art? I don't know," she said.


2) Tech talent alarm sounded (7/22/2001): >Honesty is what's in short supply > >Let's get something straight: There is no shortage of engineers, computer >programmers or scientists. I know this from personal experience, since it >took me over 15 months to get a single job offer after receiving my >bachelor's degree in electrical engineering (with a 3.59 GPA) in 1998. > >I probably sent out 120 résumés to ads I saw in the newspaper and got >about seven interviews -- so how can anyone in his or her right mind claim >that there is a shortage of engineers? > >The only ``shortage'' in the high-tech industry is that of honesty. > >Randle C. Sink >Brea:


3) Tech talent alarm sounded (7/22/2001): >"I am not shocked by the content of the Mercury News' recent article >``Tech Talent Alarm Sounded'' (July 22). However, I am shocked that >Congress and much of the media are accepting the pro-immigration lobby >``party line'' without question. > >The cold, hard truth is this: Many U.S. companies have outsourced their >talent-recruitment to third parties who refuse to hire qualified U.S. >scientists, programmers and engineers because they are perceived to cost >more than imported H1-B replacements. > >There is actually a huge surplus of high-tech brains in America, but we >have zero social capital. That is why we can be discriminated against with >impunity. I personally spent seven years in poverty while looking for >high-tech employment. How did I escape? By removing my Caltech master's >degree and my six years of NASA experience from my application. > >By pretending to be a mediocre worker instead of a genius, I was suddenly >offered work by the same companies that had refused to consider me before. > >Yes, in the 21st century it has become necessary to lie on the résumé and >pretend to have lower qualifications in order to avoid being discriminated >against by the anti-genius, anti-U.S.-worker high-tech establishment. > >Tom Nadeau >Dickson, Tenn.


4) Primus Inter Pares: Primus Inter Pares >>> First Among Equals

c Semper Tyrannis >>> Thus ever to tyrants. The motto of the State of Virginia. John Wilkes Booth is supposed to have shouted this phrase as he jumped to stage of Ford's Theater after shooting Abraham Lincoln.

Appa : all management gurus throughout the world say the word 'manager' is misnomer. Current society, at least in developed countries, is a networked society. They can manage themselves. They want only a leader. (As Abraham Lincoln said a leader is only a primus inter pares). Also remember that he who knows and knows that he knows alone is the leader.



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