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1) IBM touts new 'aspect' for software coding: IBM plans to bring a software development technique that has been the subject of theoretical work for years to commercial products this year and next.


2) Shai Agassi's passion -- NetWeaver: When SAP executive board member Shai Agassi talks about SAP NetWeaver, he speaks of miracles, Red Seas parting and a new belief system. On the eve of SAP NetWeaver 2004 announcement last week, Agassi talked with about why he thinks SAP NetWeaver can change the IT world.


3) Delicious is a social bookmarks manager. Using simple bookmarklets, you can add bookmarks to your list and categorize them.


4) Pages: Pages is a small site engine, ideal for people seeking to maintain static web content in a simple, straightforward, and convenient manner. It lets you manage your web site—whether it’s simple or sophisticated—without the fuss of complex tools or blog-centric bloatware.


5) Second Edition of "The Beauty of Carnatic Music" Released: BANGALORE, INDIA, October 12, 2002: Upon retirement as the Director of Pasteur Institute of India at Coonoor, Dr. Prasada Rao Gandlur conceived the idea of producing a virtual music tutor on the "Beauty of Carnatic Music." The second edition of this two-volume CD has just been launched by Blue Lotus Informatics in Bangalore. The first CD outlines the history of Carnatic music, the science of ragas, details of the seven notes, a live musical keyboard, a search facility, a section on rhythms and talas, as well as interactive vocal lessons. The second CD has compositions that cover most of the masterpieces in Carnatic music such as Krithis of Thyagaraja, Deekshitar, Swathi Tirunal and Mysore Vasudevachar.


6) Town Energy : AKIHABARA Hitech Junky Town: ...


7) DenhamGrey: "I believe this is the largest collaborative KM repository on the web!!"


8) A Brahmin\'s Cow Tales : Beef—it's the oldest shibboleth in the Indian mind. It is with textual evidence from Hindu, Buddhist and Jain canons that historian D.N. Jha takes on the sacred cow.


9) Travel to Dresden - Germany: Dresden's residents say they live in Germany's most beautiful city. Even after years of some neglect during the time of the GDR, Dresden has a singular attraction, and is getting better all the time.


10) Luigi Cornaro: How to Live 100 Years -- La vita Sobra: He cut down his intake of food to twelve ounces of solid foods and fourteen ounces of wine. He called his system la vita sobra, which became the name of the book he wrote later, "The Sober Life." With this small intake of food, Luigi immediately began to feel better. At the end of the year he was completely free of all his health problems.


11) Homepage des »Bund für Gesundheit e.V.« WWW.BFGEV.DE: Type the description here.


12) How to Think Like a Computer Scientist - Andamooka Reader:


13) Life | The failure of zero tolerance: A nationwide crackdown on students has resulted in disproportionate punishments and racial profiling.


14) : Links Welcome Page: Type the description here.


15) Primer - Getting ino the semantic web and RDF using N3: The world of the semantic web, as based on RDF, is really simple at the base. This article shows you how to get started. It uses a simplified teaching language -- Notation 3 or N3 -- which is basically equivalent to RDF in its XML syntax, but easier to scribble when getting started.


16) Life On The Internet: Could Blogging Assist KM?: But what if the two – blogging and KM – got together? That is, what if we took the technology that allows Bloggers to quickly annotate their journeys through the web with information about the whys and wherefores with a KM system that allowed their organizational colleagues to use the weblogs as a source of expertise? Consider:

-- If experts could use blogging software that was part of their normal work environment, probably part of their browser, to note and annotate web sites they wanted to share as part of their area of expertise (note the expert decides what to share, avoiding privacy problems);

world wide wisdom


17) Travel to Freiburg - Germany: More than Black Forest cake and cuckoo clocks.


18) Karl\'s Zone : EUROPE'S MOST SCENIC RAIL ROUTES: Type the description here.


19) Travel to Munich (München) Germany: Bavaria's cosmopolitan city has a wonderful pedestrian-friendly core complete with historic sites, cosmopolitan artists, and, oh yes, there's beer.


20) Slashdot | The Rise Of The 15-Year-Olds: Type the description here.


21) BBC SPORT | WORLD ATHLETICS | Edmonton : Black and gold, new to old: A great article about some of the attractions in Edmonton. What they don't mention is Edmonton is one of the best cities in North America for cultural festivities. Known as the City of Champions, City of Volunteers and the City of Festivals, Edmonton is a great place to visit.

The article mentions the Muttart Conservatory ( rt/), which is where Cheryl and I were married!


22) Germany Decries Artist\'s Performance: He has said the performance, advertised with posters around the city, was aimed at getting people to think about how they associate with nature.

Those who came to watch seemed to agree.

"It raises these kinds of questions about what are the limits of ethics and what are the limits of art. It raises questions about our relationship to animal life," said Chris Boland of Detroit, who is studying in Berlin for the summer. "That's what art is supposed to do."

Angela Rosenthal of Berlin, another onlooker, said she had no right to criticize the performance because she eats meat and uses cosmetics that are sometimes tested on animals.

"What is art? I don't know," she said.


23) The German-Hollywood Connection: Type the description here.


24) -- In Memory of Frank Willison: Of all of us at O'Reilly, Frank is the one we'd most have imagined growing old and grandfatherly, dispensing to successive generations the wisdom, humor and caring that he shared with all of us. He is (I use the present tense deliberately) one of those people who is an inspiration to us all, someone who demonstrates convincingly how to be a wonderful human being.


25) All Things Web: A collection of resources for Webspinners & authors - Always and in everything, remember your reader -

came across while searching for Einstein's quote... all things simple...


26) Fluency - Foreign Language Learning - What is fluency?: One of the questions* that I get asked all the time is How long will it take me to speak French fluently? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is difficult for several reasons: There's no universal definition of fluency Every person has a different language-learning potential It depends a great deal on where and how one studies * Wondering what the other questions are? Read my FAQ. This article is an attempt to provide you with some information about these issues - the what, when, where, and how of fluency - so that you can determine your own "fluency potential." :-)


27) Tech talent alarm sounded (7/22/2001): >Honesty is what's in short supply > >Let's get something straight: There is no shortage of engineers, computer >programmers or scientists. I know this from personal experience, since it >took me over 15 months to get a single job offer after receiving my >bachelor's degree in electrical engineering (with a 3.59 GPA) in 1998. > >I probably sent out 120 résumés to ads I saw in the newspaper and got >about seven interviews -- so how can anyone in his or her right mind claim >that there is a shortage of engineers? > >The only ``shortage'' in the high-tech industry is that of honesty. > >Randle C. Sink >Brea:


28) Tech talent alarm sounded (7/22/2001): >"I am not shocked by the content of the Mercury News' recent article >``Tech Talent Alarm Sounded'' (July 22). However, I am shocked that >Congress and much of the media are accepting the pro-immigration lobby >``party line'' without question. > >The cold, hard truth is this: Many U.S. companies have outsourced their >talent-recruitment to third parties who refuse to hire qualified U.S. >scientists, programmers and engineers because they are perceived to cost >more than imported H1-B replacements. > >There is actually a huge surplus of high-tech brains in America, but we >have zero social capital. That is why we can be discriminated against with >impunity. I personally spent seven years in poverty while looking for >high-tech employment. How did I escape? By removing my Caltech master's >degree and my six years of NASA experience from my application. > >By pretending to be a mediocre worker instead of a genius, I was suddenly >offered work by the same companies that had refused to consider me before. > >Yes, in the 21st century it has become necessary to lie on the résumé and >pretend to have lower qualifications in order to avoid being discriminated >against by the anti-genius, anti-U.S.-worker high-tech establishment. > >Tom Nadeau >Dickson, Tenn.


29) THE MERCK MANUAL--Home Edition, Sec. 4, Ch. 38, Occupational Lung Diseases: Occupational lung diseases are caused by harmful particles, mists, vapors, or gases inhaled while a person works. Where in the airways or lungs an inhaled substance ends up and what type of lung disease develops depend on the size and kind of particles inhaled. Larger particles may get trapped in the nose or large airways, but the smallest ones reach the lungs. There, some particles dissolve and may be absorbed into the bloodstream; most solid particles that don't dissolve are removed by the body's defenses.


30) Shirley\'s Wellness Cafe: Holistic Health for People and Animals: Type the description here.


31) Log on to Premji\'s 10-point success mantra: WIPRO chairman Azim H Premji, one of India's most successful entrepreneurs, on Friday prescribed a 10-point recipe for success, based on the lessons he had learnt during his last 35 years in the organisation.

  1. You should dare to dream,
  2. define what you stand for,
  3. never lose your zest and curiosity,
  4. always strive for excellence,
  5. build selfconfidence,
  6. learn to work in teams,
  7. take care of yourself,
  8. preserve,
  9. have a broader social vision and
  10. finally never let success go to your head
Premji said.

"What saddens me most is to see young, bright people getting disillusioned by a few initial setbacks and slowly turning cynical and some of them want to migrate to America in the hope this is the solution," he said adding, it required courage to keep dreaming.

Stressing on the importance of "dreams", Premji said they were most needed not when everything was going right, but when everything was going wrong.

"Being the best in the country is not enough: one has to be the best in the world," he said, adding that excellence was a moving target and one had to constantly raise the bar.


32) Beaches of Germany - for travelers to Germany: Hitting the beach in Germany generally means heading for the North Sea or Ostsee coasts. On warm summer days, Germany's beaches are a wonderful place to relax on the sand, play volleyball or swim in the bracing sea. Whether your desires are a beach for children and family to play on, a place to be with adults, or a nude beach, Germany has them all. Here are some popular places to visit:


33) dates...:

v theagarajan - pollachi - 1.1.
saraswathi s - 23-1-1972
ganesh s - 13.2.1976

ccm vivek - 12.4.1976
gowri s - 16.3.

senthil kumar c 3.5.1971
vidya s - 17.6.1969
akila b - 24.6.1974

s prakash - 24.7.1982
s dharini - 10.8.1986

m senthil kumar - 10.9.1970

d uga - 21.11.1971
v kannan - 19.11.1969


34) Primus Inter Pares: Primus Inter Pares >>> First Among Equals

c Semper Tyrannis >>> Thus ever to tyrants. The motto of the State of Virginia. John Wilkes Booth is supposed to have shouted this phrase as he jumped to stage of Ford's Theater after shooting Abraham Lincoln.

Appa : all management gurus throughout the world say the word 'manager' is misnomer. Current society, at least in developed countries, is a networked society. They can manage themselves. They want only a leader. (As Abraham Lincoln said a leader is only a primus inter pares). Also remember that he who knows and knows that he knows alone is the leader.


35) The Internet Classics Archive | The Meditations by Marcus Aurelius: From my grandfather Verus I learned good morals and the government of my temper.

From the reputation and remembrance of my father, modesty and a manly character.

From my mother, piety and beneficence, and abstinence, not only from evil deeds, but even from evil thoughts; and further, simplicity in my way of living, far removed from the habits of the rich.

From my great-grandfather, not to have frequented public schools, and to have had good teachers at home, and to know that on such things a man should spend liberally.


36) good performances this season: One of your reporters met me the other day in Hamsadhwani, asking for my opinion about the good performances this season. My wife & I will easily rate T N Krishnan's violin recital as the best, of what we enjoyed. Among others,Prince Rama Varma came up with a very good performance.We heard him for the first time.Earlier, Vasundhara Rajagopalan sang extremely well, the memory of which lingers on.The only other names that come to my mind are that of Aruna Sairam, Madurai G S Mani & T M Krishna.Well, Have a good day. Brig Subramanian.(Retd) - balan at - Email received on Sat, 5 May 2001


37) Salzburg City Tourist Information - Welcome to the city of Mozart and the Sound of Music: Salzburg is the capital of the Austrian province of the same name and lies on the northern edge of the Alps in the center of Austria. The Austrian poet and co-founder of the Salzburg Festival, Hugo von Hofmannsthal, called Salzburg "the heart of Europe's heart."


38) World Heritage List: The 690 properties which the World Heritage Committee has inscribed on the World Heritage List (529 cultural, 138 natural and 23 mixed properties in 122 States Parties)

The World Heritage Committee has inscribed the following properties on the World Heritage List. The List, arranged alphabetically by nominating State Party, is current as of December 2000. The list will be updated following the next meeting of the Committee in December 2001.


39) Barcelona , Luzern , Interlaken , Salzburg: check int net !


40) rat haus reality, ratical branch: living life passionately


41) Observing Without the \"Me\", Krishnamurti, Brockwood Park, 9/5/70: It is always difficult to keep simple and clear. The world worships success, the bigger the better; the greater the audience the greater the speaker; the colossal super buildings, cars, aeroplanes and people. Simplicity is lost. The successful people are not the ones who are building a new world. To be a real revolutionary requires a complete change of heart and mind, and how few want to free themselves. One cuts the surface roots; but to cut the deep feeding roots of mediocrity, success, needs something more than words, methods, compulsions. There seem to be few, but they are the real builders--the rest labor in vain.

One is everlastingly comparing oneself with another, with what one is, with what one should be, with someone who is more fortunate. This comparison really kills. Comparison is degrading, it perverts one's outlook. And on comparison one is brought up. All our education is based on it and so is our culture. So there is everlasting struggle to be something other than what one is. The understanding of what one is uncovers creativeness, but comparison breeds competitiveness, ruthlessness, ambition, which we think brings about progress. Progress has only led so far to more ruthless wars and misery than the world has ever known. To bring up children without comparison is true education.


42) Showroom of Automotive History: The Model T: You can paint it any color, so long as it's black


43) HealthWorld Online - Detoxification Programs - General Detoxification and Cleansing: Type the description here.


44) Dr. Sidhwa: The Quintessence of Natural Living for health and happiness: The Quintessence of Natural Living is that which provides physical health, mental and emotional poise and spiritual integrity to the human organism to suffuse it with joy and happiness.


45) Inspired People Do Inspired Work !: Job #1 is to take care of the one thing we have sole custody over, our heart. Our heart possesses a superior knowledge of how to keep us inspired. Your heart will lead you to the places where you feel most alive, and become your best.


46) Book recommendations for potential writers?: Reading New Yorker magazine every week is probably more than enough if you want to keep up with what is good modern writing. Personally, I prefer Edith Wharton and her generation, but that's not a style that is likely to get one published in any modern magazine.


47) The Standard: The Limits Of Credibility: Microsoft got beat fair and square. To maintain credibility with regulators - and customers - it needs to realize that fact, fast.


48) Positive.Net: Positive Essays / Success, Your Dream & You: from sushma


49) Kalpana Mohan : Home Page: I live in a place where a million dollars is loose change for most people. I live in a place where people lease Mercs while they await their Porsches.


50) Homepage of C. Mohan: IBM fellow


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