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1) Log on to Premji\'s 10-point success mantra: WIPRO chairman Azim H Premji, one of India's most successful entrepreneurs, on Friday prescribed a 10-point recipe for success, based on the lessons he had learnt during his last 35 years in the organisation.

  1. You should dare to dream,
  2. define what you stand for,
  3. never lose your zest and curiosity,
  4. always strive for excellence,
  5. build selfconfidence,
  6. learn to work in teams,
  7. take care of yourself,
  8. preserve,
  9. have a broader social vision and
  10. finally never let success go to your head
Premji said.

"What saddens me most is to see young, bright people getting disillusioned by a few initial setbacks and slowly turning cynical and some of them want to migrate to America in the hope this is the solution," he said adding, it required courage to keep dreaming.

Stressing on the importance of "dreams", Premji said they were most needed not when everything was going right, but when everything was going wrong.

"Being the best in the country is not enough: one has to be the best in the world," he said, adding that excellence was a moving target and one had to constantly raise the bar.

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