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1) O\'Reilly Network: Why Michael Schwern is not a Java programmer [July 20, 2001]: I recently had the pleasure (?) of teaching Perl to a 14-year-old. I started with ``Hello, World'' ('This is how you print something and run a program'), moved onto conditional logic ('This is how you print something if something else happens') and then to loops ('This is how you print something a bunch of times'), etc. Each lesson contained only one or two new concepts. Each concept produced a concrete result. Each new lesson built off the last. All with a minimum of hand-waving. Nit picking? Possibly, but it is a symptom of deeper problems. To do anything in Java, even simple things, you've got to roll out all these conceptual cannons. You can't do one-liners in Java (assuming a sufficiently short line). The upshot of that is if you know Java you'll have to learn another language for quick tasks. For some, this isn't a problem, but I'm lazy. I like having one language which handles the vast majority of my daily tasks.

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