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1) Welcome to the Ventura River and Ojai Valley Community: One Man\'s Retreat from the City to the Country: .....I have obviously thought all this out, in the hopes that one can improve one's circumstances through patient planning. Not five years ago I was an overwhelmed beginning teaching in the ghetto and could hardly have been more miserable. If I currently enjoy a modicum of happiness, I flatter myself in believing I have earned it. Why not be happy? Like Horace in his Epistles I hope to "walk in silence through the healthy woods, pondering questions worthy of the good and wise." (Tacitum sylvas inter reptare salubres, / Curantem quidquid dignum sapiente bonoque est.) I look to live in Ojai not as a hermit yet with detachment, in a spiritual withdrawal where I can more easily adjust where the outside world ends and my interior life and ease of mind begins.....

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