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the personal computer is now

Monday, August 21st, 2006

I have wanted a tag or label based file manager for a few years now !

It looks like I found the software :-) almost..

It is VistaGlance


Suppose you want to open some document. Of course, you know its name or some part of name, or something about its category or keywords. You simply type this little piece of information (often this is not more than several letters – and it takes less than a second to enter it) you know about this file or program into a small field in your taskbar, or in Explorer toolbar, or in Floating Bar and press Enter. May be you do not even guess where this file could be. It is up to computer to figure it out. Less than in a second you get exactly the very thing you need. Maybe there are thousands of files with similar names but you always see exactly what you need. It sounds like a science fiction. However, this is reality. The name of this reality is VistaGlance.


Am yet to use the Pro version. Looking forward to (in the pro version)

  1. tag / keyword based file manager
  2. search based on keywords only
  3. ..

Windows Live Writer developers are not serious

Monday, August 14th, 2006

TechCrunch: Windows Live Writer : ..Microsoft launched Windows Live Writer today. This is a free, downloadable application that runs on your Windows PC and allows you to write blog posts. Don’t bother clicking the link if you have a Mac, this is Windows PC software only. Since I use a Mac, I won’t be testing this software..

I did download and clicked on the .msi and the following pop-up was shown

Windows Live Writer

Why is there no offer to take the user to the .NET download ?