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What is the best camera phone circa August 2006

Saturday, August 26th, 2006

I have been looking at Sony Ericsson K800i reviews since some weeks

Nokia N73 vs. Samsung D900 vs. SE K800: Photo samples

CrunchGear: Greenpeace scores Electronics

Marc Rutten in The best camera phones of tomorrow tested today states : ..The Sony Ericsson K800i is currently the best camera phone. The complete camera quality, control and easy way in which Sony Ericsson build-in the camera options make the device the absolute winner. A drawback is the video..

Christian Lindholm: Surprisingly the N93 is not my cameraphone of the year in 2006 : ..Here my favourite is the N73, I think it is the most beautiful S60 device to date, the designers really paid attention to the little details, I love the speaker grilles, the super clean backside and the immediate impression of a giant screen..

mr brown is using the Nokia N73

First Day N73 Impressions

Device Details — Nokia N73

the chosen son, building blocks

Tech Digest: Review: Nokia N73 multimedia phone

2006 sep 03 – Bought an N73. First impressions have not been anything close to a SonyEricsson W800i bought about half a year ago. The menu navigation is very sluggish. I hope it just needs a firmware update..

2006 Sep 06 – there is no firmware update. See Nokia N73 FAQ

Should a new desktop in Singapore be a Dell or HP or Lenovo or Acer or something else

Wednesday, August 9th, 2006

Our Acer Aspire G600P is close to 4 years old. Apart from hard disk crashes two times, it has served us well. One of the main reasons for the search for a new desktop is that Google Earth cannot be executed!

Which one should I buy in Singapore? Dell or HP or Lenovo or Acer or something else?

Pluto Technology‘s ad in the July 2006 PC Magazine Singapore was impressive. (the website not as impressive)

The purchase is planned during COMEX 2006 Singapore

If I lived in the USA, I would seriously consider DIY as recommended in Steve Pavlina’s 10 reasons to develop your technical skills

Update on 2006 sep 03 – Ordered a Dell 9150