Is it Steve Wozniak or Robert Scoble

Since I invested in the N73 recently, I have been looking for good files to listen during the daily commute..

Had heard Paul Graham on IT Conversations and went there looking for the popular ones and found “Higest Rated” on the left menu..

The first one was Steve Wozniak.. I found the following

Steve Wozniak or Robert Scoble

Whose picture is it :-)

Experiment: Am not going to contact itconversations about this. Usually I do write to the website on seeing such issues. I have tagged the post with freedback and itconversations. Let us see when they get/fix it !

btw: does HP have ethical problem ? if the person at the top in a company has ethical problems, should the company be blamed and how much ?

2 Responses to “Is it Steve Wozniak or Robert Scoble”

  1. Doug Kaye says:

    Robert Scoble took the photograph of Steve Wozniak. The popup is Robert’s photo credit.


  2. admin says:

    Maybe, the “Photo:” should change to “Photo credit:”

    I saw the issue (maybe not – after seeing your reply) only because it was just showing the text in the rectangle (for a few seconds longer than usual..) until the photo was displayed

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