Nokia N73 FAQ

I wanted to write about my Nokia N73 experience with a post titled “Nokia N73 User Experience”. But “Nokia N73 FAQ” might help others like me even if one. The phone is being used in Singapore


  1. It is unclear why on the Nokia – FAQ – Support page, N73 is not one of the “selected phones”
  2. The Europe FAQ is better organized than the Singapore FAQ. Why ???
  3. when nokia n73 displays “memory full”
  4. To display the serial number, press *#06#
  5. To display the firmware version, press *#0000#
  6. regular todo
  7. switch off and on daily
  8. check applications running in the background by pressing menu button and close all except “Standby”
  9. good..
  10. the flickr integration is excellent although it seems not possible to upload tags – i would have liked to tag uploads with a default n73 at the least !
  11. not so..
  12. phone is slow. have checked with the nokia care in person and there is no latest software version !
  13. when inspiration comes to me, it takes a few seconds to inspire the phone to capture the moment !
  14. ..

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