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I started this Monday, October 19, 1998.

I am just one person and have had many roles: Programmer, Consultant, Developer.

The Consultant's Calling - Geoffrey M. Bellman
.....Consulting is a much maligned profession and probably for a good reason. For one thing, it is too easy to enter the profession. All it takes is the cost of some stationery and business cards, at this moment less than one hundred dollars. The term Consultant is also used to cover a wide range of sins. Out-of-work executives call themselves consultants while they are between jobs, brokers of financial products call themselves consultants to mask their aggressive selling efforts, and, in general, when people take our money and we are not quite sure we got anything of value in return, we call them "consultants." The fundamental problem facing the consulting profession is that of integrity. This holds whether our consultants are internal to a company or operate on their own as external consultants. And in fact, the larger the consulting firm and the larger its reputation, the greater our distrust.....


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