Photos shot during the Singapore Indian Bloggers’ Meet on 2005-jun-05

June 6th, 2005

The mega-meet is over !

I did shoot some photos. But the camera was forgotten @ The Sri Aurobindo Society and I will only be able to post some pictures on Sunday…

Until then, see the pictures at Sambhar Mafia and dreamstores

Memories :-)

We were @ Scripting News Dinner – Saturday, May 26, 2001 @ Amsterdam…

Update on 2005 june 12 – 4 photos uploaded – / singapore indian bloggers meet june 2005

singapore indian bloggers meet june 2005 4 - right

Tamil Nadu Anglo Indian / Matriculation / SSLC / OSLC Examinations Results 2005

June 5th, 2005 : …Wishing you all the Best… for the future !

SSLC 2005 Results, Tamil Nadu, India

Yahoo Customer Survey and Case Numbers

June 5th, 2005

I donot mind completing a brief online survey conducted by Satmetrix Systems on behalf of Yahoo!

But, only providing “Case number”, “Property” and “Close date” doesnot help.

Provide “Case Text” !

If one has requested help twice in the last days, how does one know what is the case being referred to !

Also, I get a mail on 4th June with close date 6th June…

What is the hurry ? Provide more time !

The Robot Co-op: Numeric milestones : …100,000 unique goals (with at least one person still on it), the 100,000th of which was to only check email twice a day…

Dave Farber coming to Singapore

June 4th, 2005

Dave Farber coming to Singapore

Registered successfully

Basic Theosophy Course – one of seven – The Different Planes of Nature

June 4th, 2005

The 20th Basic Theosophy Course at The Singapore Lodge Theosophical Society has commenced yesterday.

We sometimes ask ourselves these and other questions which seem to have no answers.

Where do I come from?
Where do I go to after death?
What is the purpose of life?
Why am I less fortunate than others?
Is there true justice in this world?

I have read about most of the topics covered yesterday

One interesting point. Some people have felt pain in an arm/leg that has been amputated… Attend the course and find out Why !

Singapore Indian Bloggers’ Meet on 2005-jun-05

June 4th, 2005

Sambhar Mafia – Cooked To Kill!: Singapore Bloggers Meet – 5th June
Date – 5th June (Sunday)
Venue – Starbucks @ Plaza Singapura
Time – 4 pm
Code of Conduct – No Singlish!

Sambhar Mafia – Cooked To Kill!: Singapore Indian Bloggers’ Meet (Update)

via nimbupani | Alive in Singapore

Suzanna Darcy-Hennemann is Chief Project Pilot, Boeing 777-200LR Worldliner

June 2nd, 2005

777-200LR Flight Test Journal: Desert sunrise : …We’re putting WD001, the first 777-200LR, through a rigorous test program. It will culminate with certification from the FAA so Boeing can start delivering the planes to its customers and they can put the planes into revenue service…I took part in early engineering meetings when designs and specifications were being formed. That gave me the opportunity to take the information from those meetings back to our team of test pilots. In that way we’re able to give the program recommendation from the pilot’s perspective…

Boeing’s 7E7 Project Pushes PLM Boundaries : …The final assembly line included more than 10,000 parts. Boeing reports that using digital 3D models in the design phase helped reduce the number of changes, errors, and rework by more than 50%…

Flight Test Journal: Time flies

via Boeing 777 Blog Rocks (by Jeremy Zawodny)

Kevin Lynch is Chief Software Architect at Macromedia

June 1st, 2005

Kevin Lynch is Chief Software Architect at Macromedia

via Jon Udell: Web-friendly rich Internet apps, continued

Howto Open Multiple Home Pages in Firefox

June 1st, 2005

Feeling Nice

I realised that it is possible to open multiple home pages in tabs upon Firefox startup :-)

separate the multiple URLs with the pipe sign – |

How come this is not listed on Firefox Help: Tips & Tricks

Many sites point to How to set up multiple homepages in Firefox. Who is the Robert mentioned in the post ?

jEdit is a Free Editor with SFTP support

June 1st, 2005

Due to the important policy change of FTP to SFTP at TextDrive, I have not been able to edit in place using HTML-Kit as it only supports FTP

Atlast, I have found jEdit – Programmer’s Text Editor which satisfies my need of editing in place – albeit slow…

[Update on Sep 10 2005 in response to a comment : The FTP plugin plugs into jEdit’s virtual filesystem to allow transparent access to FTP servers…In addition, when running on Java 2 version 1.4, the FTP plugin can edit and browse files stored on SFTP servers…] Support Forum / Text editors contains many options… – php Editor Review – very useful !