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We all know(probably) that Lord Rama had to break the bow of King Janaka to marry Sita. Here goes the epic...... In a remote suburban area in India. A school inspector is doing the usual rounds of schools to check the quality of education being given.

He arrives at a small school and walks into an 8th standard classroom.The teacher greets him. He wishes to see the general education among students.He asks a boy to stand up and asks him this question: "Who broke King Janaka's bow?" The boy innocently says "I swear I didn't,believe me."

The inspector is astonished and approaches the class teacher and tells him about the small conversation with the boy. To which the teacher says "The kid is a very sincere and decent chap,he'd never break anything,I know him."

Now the inspector approaches the principal of the school to report about the student and the teacher. After listening to him,the principal says "I have complete faith in my staff,they always hope the best for the students.If she says the kid is decent,then he is." Extremely frustrated,the inspector goes to the education minister and reports the matter to which the minister says: "All that's okay,but u first tell me,who asked Janaka to take the bow to the school?".

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