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2009 dec 11 fri - http://www.creamcentre.com/ should consider a simple page for the iPhone !
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# Wired.com Readersí Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009 - http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/12/readers-best-iphone-apps/
# Wiredís 20 Favorite iPhone Apps of 2009 - http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/12/wired-favorite-iphone-apps/all/1
# 2009 dec 28 mon - The Best iPhone Apps Of 2009 (Appvee Edition) - http://www.techcrunch.com/2009/12/27/best-iphone-apps-2009-appvee
# 2009 dec 27 sun - http://toucharcade.com/2009/12/25/best-ipod-touch-and-iphone-games-2009-buyers-guide/
# the best iPhone for Kids apps - http://www.iphone4kids.net/
# http://iphone.iusethis.com/
# [The News That Feeds: The Top iPhone RSS Clients|http://smokingapples.com/iphone/best-rss-reader-app/] , [The Search for the Best RSS Reader on the iPhone|http://smokingapples.com/iphone/app-store-iphone/the-search-for-the-best-rss-reader-on-the-iphone/]
* 2009 oct 11 sun - http://blog.mirthlab.com/2009/10/07/moving-things-around-how-to-efficiently-organize-iphone-apps/
* 2009 oct 11 sun - http://speirs.org/blog/2009/7/8/on-my-iphone.html
# http://www.apple.com/iphone/
# http://www.apple.com/iphone/iphone-your-life/
# http://www.apple.com/iphone/gallery/
http://theamazingiphone.com/ contains 2 very useful reports in pdf
http://cs193p.stanford.edu - iPhone Application Programming by Stanford
[iPhone SDK Tutorial: Build a Simple RSS reader for the iPhone|http://theappleblog.com/2008/08/04/tutorial-build-a-simple-rss-reader-for-iphone/]
# [20+ iPhone Apps every designer should know|http://www.designworkplan.com/design/iphone-apps.htm]
# [the best iPhone for Kids apps|http://www.iphone4kids.net/] - http://www.iphone4kids.net/ ..Iím a 40 year old father of a 3 year-old boy, both in love with the world of iPhone apps for kids..
Itís interesting to think about trying to be even more ahead of the demand curve by making a big bet and training in what will be hot. This involves predicting the future. But, in life as in stocks, the winner is often not someone who knows what will happen, but someone who figured out slightly more than everyone else. And, for predicting the future, not many are trying. Along these lines, I was surprised when I learned that several prominent companies in the mobile space ó in particular AdMob, acquired by Google for $750 million, and Flurry, whose software runs in over 100,000 apps ó were actually founded in 2005 or 2006, before the iPhoneís announcement ushered in the modern mobile era. I think a lot of people knew the mobile revolution was coming, although perhaps not that it would be so fast. The people bold enough to actually act on that prediction were in a very good spot when it happened. Iím hoping to do something similar for program analysis.

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