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Looking Back: 14 Years of Tips
Taxes can destroy bargain rates. A car rented for $179.99 a week in Minneapolis will run $245.10 by the time the taxes and fees are piled on. A hotel room in New York City advertised at, say $129, will cost a somewhat less reasonable $148 a night after the taxes of 13.25 percent plus $2 are added. This could be a particularly unwelcome surprise. Ask about taxes when you call.
As a symbolic gesture to welcome ' King Mahabali' a flower carpet is laid in front of every house. The head of the family distributes new cloths to all the family members and their dependants. A sumptious meal on plantain leaf and the traditional sweet dish of Kerala 'Payasam' etc are served in every house.
Anant Chaturdashi
The 14th day of the bright half of Bhadrapad is the day of the immersion of Ganpati. On this day some people observe a vow in honour of Vishnu, which if kept for 14 years is supposed to bring wealth. On this day, the festival of Ganpati comes to an end, the installed Murti's of Lord Ganpati are taken to a lake, river or a sea in great processions to be immersed in the waters. Thus Lord Ganesha is departed, only to be welcomed the next year with equal excitement.
In Bengal, Durga Puja is a great festival. All who live away from home return during the Puja days. Mothers reunite with their sons and daughters, and wives with their husbands.The woman of Bengal welcomes the Goddess with a mother's love and sends away the image on the last day, with every ceremony associated with a daughter's departure to her husband's home and with motherly tears in her eyes. This signifies the parting of Durga from Her beloved mother.
Hindu Temples in Germany
* [Nava-Jiyada-Nrsimha-Ksetra|http://www.narasimha.net/ncfestival/welcome-fs.htm], Zielberg 20, 94118 Jandelsbrunn
welcomed Hindu swamis coming for the first time to America, including Swami
Hundreds of thousands of Saivites turned out that morning to welcome the
(via [Dave Winer]) [Mark Pilgrim|http://diveintomark.weblogger.com/2001/10/23] : "Welcome to my weblog. I hope you enjoy it. I just got hired for it...I'd call it good karma, except that karma is supposed to manifest itself over many lifetimes. It's not like a crash diet; you're not supposed to see results within 3 weeks. Maybe I'm the exception that proves the rule. Maybe I should just be grateful that I have a job, thank everyone who has supported me in the past few weeks, stop introspecting, and get back to work..."
Welcome! [Ian Lovell Rager]
We went to [Nava-Jiyada-Nrsimha-Ksetra|http://www.narasimha.net/ncfestival/welcome-fs.htm] Zielberg 20, 94118 Jandelsbrunn
The algebra of infinite justice
For strategic, military and economic reasons, it is vital for the US government to persuade its public that their commitment to freedom and democracy and the American Way of Life is under attack. In the current atmosphere of grief, outrage and anger, it's an easy notion to peddle. However, if that were true, it's reasonable to wonder why the symbols of America's economic and military dominance - the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon - were chosen as the targets of the attacks. Why not the Statue of Liberty? Could it be that the stygian anger that led to the attacks has its taproot not in American freedom and democracy, but in the US government's record of commitment and support to exactly the opposite things - to military and economic terrorism, insurgency, military dictatorship, religious bigotry and unimaginable genocide (outside America)? It must be hard for ordinary Americans, so recently bereaved, to look up at the world with their eyes full of tears and encounter what might appear to them to be indifference. It isn't indifference. It's just augury. An absence of surprise. The tired wisdom of knowing that what goes around eventually comes around. American people ought to know that it is not them but their government's policies that are so hated. They can't possibly doubt that they themselves, their extraordinary musicians, their writers, their actors, their spectacular sportsmen and their cinema, are universally welcomed. All of us have been moved by the courage and grace shown by firefighters, rescue workers and ordinary office staff in the days since the attacks.
[Chandramouli Mahadevan] is in Germany. Welcome back !
Henry Miller
2002 September 15 : I received the following quote in the 'Welcome to [BookCrossing]' email
Good Karma
[Mark Pilgrim] : [Hired|http://diveintomark.org/archives/2001/10/23/hired] : ...Welcome to my weblog. I hope you enjoy it. I just got hired for it...Itís the sum of my experiences, a side project of no apparent consequence, a Dave Winer link on a Sunday, a crossing of divergent paths, a lucky break. Iíd call it good karma, except that karma is supposed to manifest itself over many lifetimes. Itís not like a crash diet; youíre not supposed to see results within 3 weeks. Maybe Iím the exception that proves the rule...
On the holy Krishna Janmashtami, the ladies in South India decorate their houses beautifully, ready to welcome the Lord. They prepare various sweetmeats and offer them to the Lord. Butter was Krishnaís favourite, and this is also offered. From the doorway to the inner meditation room of the house the floor is marked with a childís footprints, using some flour mixed with water. This creates the feeling in them that the Lordís own Feet have made the mark. They treat the day as one of very great rejoicing. There is recitation of the Bhagavatam, singing and praying everywhere.
Hanuman Jayanti
He said to Ravana, ďI am a humble messenger of Sri Rama. I have come here to serve Rama, to do His work. By the command of Lord Rama, I have come here. I am fearless by the Grace of Lord Rama. I am not afraid of death. I welcome it if it comes while serving Lord Rama.Ē
Contribution to [Companies] are welcome !
A Warm Welcome to [Henry James Gallagher]
God. They will mould you into a divine being. Welcome them.
The Master welcomed the advances of technology, but was keenly aware of its
"Welcome to Tuscaloosa County, Alabama U.S.A., and the factory where the newest member of the Mercedes-Benz line, the M-Class, is assembled."
The University of Hard Knocks
**Welcome To The World of Free Plain Vanilla Electronic Texts**
Kishore Balakrishnan 2002
Welcome to Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar's Homepage
Tim Bray
[WhatNext|http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2004/01/01/WhatNext] : ...Welcome to 2004! Iím looking for something new to do, as in job-hunting...
[Nanosoft - Web Hosting Welcomes You|http://www.nanosoftinternational.com]
http://2guysandahive.com/welcome-to-two-guys-and-a-hive/ ( via https://www.kshb.com/news/local-news/keeping-you-honest-lees-summit-beekeeper-opens-second-honor-stand-to-sell-honey )

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