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Jayalakshmi Sekhar
Malaysia: Jayalakshmi has been the musician and music consultant for Bharatnatyam performances for the past 13 years (on the violin, veena, flute, vocal, nattuvangam) for Sutra Dance Theatre, whose artistic director is Sri Ramli Ibrahim, renowned Bharatnatyam ,Odissi, Ballet and Contemporary Dance Exponent of Malaysia.
She accompanies nearly all visiting musicians from India and Sri Lanka to Malaysia on the violin.
Jayalakshmi also teaches vocal, veena, violin and flute for students in Kuala Lumpur.
Australia: Jayalakshmi performed with Bharatnatyam Dance Exponent Dr. Chandrabhanu in Melbourne during the years 1989 - 1994, either on the veena, violin, flute or singing.
What is the meaning of Life?
Have more interests in life. Don't be always a businessman. Sometimes play too. Don't be just a doctor or an engineer, or a headmaster, or a professor -- be as many things as possible! Play cards, play the violin, sing a song, be an amateur photographer, a poet.... Find as many things as possible in life, and then you will have richness. And meaning is a by-product of richness.
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The University of Hard Knocks
fiddles. Not violins--fiddles.
A violin is only a fiddle with a college education.
After all this there comes the commencement, and the violin comes
Why is a violin? To wear strings? Gussie got that far and gave a
lot of discord. The violin is to give music.
the violin must go into the great tuning school of life. Here the
I used to know a violinist who would say, "If I were not a genius,

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