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* Refined Products like white bread, white sugar, ...
adopt a healthy diet, including raw sugar, brown rice and brown bread. As
Nallamuthu Gounder Mahalingam College
source : http://www.sakthisugars.com/nallamuthu.htm
converting the tough, traditionally useless leaves of the sugar cane plant
their people's lives. The method, described at "source" above, chars sugar
minimizing raw vegetables; avoiding white flour and refined sugar; not
The University of Hard Knocks
manicured him, sugar-cured him, embalmed him. Finally Gussie was
rattleboxes and "sugar-tits."
Robert Blackwill
prayer flags flapping in the mountain wind. Sugar in
Sweet Kanji
3 teaspoons of sugar
| <li>Kampung Senang Weekend Kitchen and Organic Food Support Scheme Market (sale of organic food at reasonable price) is located at Blk 840 Tampines Street 82 #01-111. Luncheon from 11am to 2pm (Saturday and Sunday). Enjoy freshly prepared healthy meals, without refined salt or sugar, hydrogenated oil, palm or peanut oil and MSG free. Be sure to call 6785.2568 to reserve seats and to confirm that they are open on that weekend. E: email@kg-senang.org.sg; W: http://www.kg-senang.org.sg.</li>
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[Sugar], The Bitter [Truth]
Starches, Sugars, and Alcohol ... There are many sugar converters in modern diets , but the sabotage foods are those foods which rapidly convert into sugar and have a detrimental effect on your health and wellbeing ... These foods convert to sugar quickly in your body and raise your blood sugar too high and too fast causing an inflammatory response
Most people can jump-start their weight loss by cutting out all [starch]es, [sugar]s & [alcohol]s while consuming more [protein]s and [fat]s.
Lieutenant Herndon, whom our government sent to explore the Amazon, and, it is said, to extend the area of slavery, observed that there was wanting there "an industrious and active population, who know what the comforts of life are, and who have artificial wants to draw out the great resources of the country." But what are the "artificial wants" to be encouraged? Not the love of luxuries, like the tobacco and slaves of, I believe, his native Virginia, nor the ice and granite and other material wealth of our native New England; nor are "the great resources of a country" that fertility or barrenness of soil which produces these. The chief want, in every State that I have been into, was a high and earnest purpose in its inhabitants. This alone draws out "the great resources" of Nature, and at last taxes her beyond her resources; for man naturally dies out of her. When we want culture more than potatoes, and illumination more than sugar-plums, then the great resources of a world are taxed and drawn out, and the result, or staple production, is, not slaves, nor operatives, but men- those rare fruits called heroes, saints, poets, philosophers, and redeemers.

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