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From Sidhar songs in Tamil. (from [Sakthi Foundation|http://www.sakthifoundation.org/index41.html])
Practice of Meditation
Yoga is an exact science. Asanas and Pranayama (Yoga postures and breathing exercises) perfect the body. Service and charity expand the heart. Prayer, Japa (repetition of the Lord’s Name), Kirtan (singing devotional songs) and other devotional practices purify the mind and make it more subtle. The aspirant is now fully equipped for the last lap of the journey. It is the toughest part of the pilgrimage to God. It is full of darkness and the aspirant has to pierce this darkness with his purified mind. The purified mind is the most dependable weapon in the armoury of the spiritual aspirant.
Bhaja Govindam
Bhaja govindaM has been set to musical tones and sung as prayer songs by children. It is divided into dvaadashapaJNjarikaa and charpaTapaJNjarikaa for this purpose. The former is a set of verses (verses 1,2,5,11,18,20,21,23,27,29,31) while the rest of the verses form charpaTapaJNjarikaa.
reflection and listening to favorite religious songs, with joyous release,
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The algebra of infinite justice
Terrorism as a phenomenon may never go away. But if it is to be contained, the first step is for America to at least acknowledge that it shares the planet with other nations, with other human beings who, even if they are not on TV, have loves and griefs and stories and songs and sorrows and, for heaven's sake, rights. Instead, when Donald Rumsfeld, the US defence secretary, was asked what he would call a victory in America's new war, he said that if he could convince the world that Americans must be allowed to continue with their way of life, he would consider it a victory.
[VK's Notes and Chords for Tamil Songs|http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/Ridge/4694/keyboard-class/tamil/notes-new.htm]
[Tamil Marriage Songs (kalyaana paadalgal)|http://forumhub.com/tlit/1583.23.58.26.html]
Worse Is Better
Richard P. Gabriel
Skandha Sashti
The famous Nakkerar has composed the Tirumurukatrupadai in His praise. He who studies this famous work daily with devotion and faith, gets certain success in life as well as peace and prosperity. The Tiruppugal is another well-known book in Tamil, which contains the inspiring devotional songs of Arunagirinathar in praise of Lord Subramanya. The Kavadichindu songs are also in praise of the Lord. The Skanda Sashti Kavacham is another famous hymn in praise of Lord Subramanya and is sung particularly on festive occasions.
The Search for Beauty
Lessons From The Science of Nothing At All
Mob Software: The Erotic Life of Code
Repetition, Generativity, and Patterns
Huge bundles of wood are gathered and burnt at night, and everywhere one hears shouts of “Holi-ho! Holi-ho!” People stand in the streets and sprinkle coloured water on any man who passes by, be he a rich man or an officer. There is no restriction on this day. It is like the April Fool’s Day of the Europeans. People compose and sing special Holi songs.
The religious element in the Holi festival consists of worship of Krishna. In some places it is also called the Dol Yatra. The word dol literally means “a swing”. An image of Sri Krishna as a babe is placed in a little swing-cradle and decorated with flowers and painted with coloured powders. The pure, innocent frolics of little Krishna with the merry milkmaids (Gopis) of Brindavan are commemorated. Devotees chant the Name of Krishna and sing Holi-songs relating to the frolics of little Krishna with the Gopis.
Pancha Ganapati
Ganapati, often prepared and presented by the children. Chants, songs
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The University of Hard Knocks
lived--Singer must live songs--Successful songs written from
to sing the songs you have lived."
Why do singers try to execute songs beyond the horizon of their
"How did you get your songs known? How did you know what kind of
songs the people want to sing?"
only home I had, that I began to write songs. I wrote them for my
surprised and grateful that the world seems to love my songs and
simple little songs so full of the pathos and philosophy of life
Anybody could write those songs--just a few simple words and notes.
face crowned with silvery hair, had learned to write her songs in
loneliness, she never would have been able to write the songs that
songs that are trashy and voice the tawdriest human impulses, yet
wholesome, uplifting sentiments in Carrie Jacobs-Bond's songs
success flows from the fullness of our experience just as the songs
the field of his play, a flute of his songs, a reed, nothing more, an emptiness in
iRiver H340
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Rutger Kortenhorst
Secondly, how is Sanskrit taught? You may have noticed your son or daughter singing Sanskrit grammar songs in the back of the car just for the fun of it on the way home from school. I’ll spend some time telling you HOW we approach teaching Sanskrit now since my year in India.
And finally, my favorite songs of 2018:

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