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The algebra of infinite justice
The desolate landscape of Afghanistan was the burial ground of Soviet communism and the springboard of a unipolar world dominated by America. It made the space for neocapitalism and corporate globalisation, again dominated by America. And now Afghanistan is poised to become the graveyard for the unlikely soldiers who fought and won this war for America.
India, thanks in part to its geography, and in part to the vision of its former leaders, has so far been fortunate enough to be left out of this Great Game. Had it been drawn in, it's more than likely that our democracy, such as it is, would not have survived. Today, as some of us watch in horror, the Indian government is furiously gyrating its hips, begging the US to set up its base in India rather than Pakistan. Having had this ringside view of Pakistan's sordid fate, it isn't just odd, it's unthinkable, that India should want to do this. Any third world country with a fragile economy and a complex social base should know by now that to invite a superpower such as America in (whether it says it's staying or just passing through) would be like inviting a brick to drop through your windscreen.
[Social Capital]
Social Capital
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http://www.cpn.org/sections/tools/models/social_capital.html : ...Social capital refers to those stocks of social trust, norms and networks that people can draw upon to solve common problems...
[Denmark] is the happiest country in [Europe] according to those who measure social capital
seems to be the happiest country in Europe according to [Social Capital]
The University of Hard Knocks
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