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[Russell Lipton] [:|http://static.userland.com/userLandDiscussArchive/msg018410.html] "...There is an inherent degree of [serendipity] in Web-learning that routes around this kind of thing..."
Serendipity strikes again !
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Serendipity is something more than "sheer luck" but something less than planned organization.
[Manufactured Serendipity|http://www.intertwingly.net/stories/2002/03/13/manufacturedSerendipity.html]
[imdb.com: Serendipity|http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0240890/] - Can Once In A Lifetime Happen Twice? - A couple reunite years after the night they first met, fell in love, and separated, convinced that one day they'd end up together.
[:serendipity|http://www.s9y.org/] is a weblog/blog system, implemented with PHP. It is standards compliant, feature rich and open source.

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